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Stop Killing Cyclists – Wall Of Death protest
(photo by Frederique Bellec)



Person riding a bicycle killed by HGV at Ludgate Circus.
(photo by @G4Lycra)

We’d like to take a moment, before continuing with this piece about our protest of Wednesday 2nd April, to mention this tragic event, and share our condolences, as we believe it is intrinsically tied to the need for properly segregated infrastructure and better designed junctions.

Sadly, on the morning following the protest, a cyclist was killed by a left-turning HGV at Ludgate Circus, in the City Of London. The company that owns the tipper truck involved is Squibb Group, who have expressed their sympathies.

Stop Killing Cyclists extend their deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victim, may he rest in peace.

Darren Johnson, London Assembly Green Party Member, stated in a press release:

This junction featured on TfL’s original list of 100 junctions which it planned to overhaul following safety concerns but TfL subsequently revised the list to 33 junctions and dropped Ludgate Circus from it.

He said,

“This absolutely tragic news is made all the more poignant by the fact that TfL recently decided to cancel the major safety overhaul it had deemed necessary at this blackspot.”


Ironically, just before the sad news, it was also announced that London’s first segregated cycle junction would be installed in Camden which the article said would “combat so-called ‘left hook’ collisions.”


The Wall Of Death

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Media Coverage

The event was covered by the media: online, in print and on TV…

News coverage continued, following the tragic crash noted above (some refer to the Wall Of Death protest):


Interview with Donnachadh McCarthy by Ross Lydall of London Evening Standard:

Interview with Steve Routley by Obi (@punctumpie) of Occupy London livestreamers on Bambuser.


Some of the speeches from the event. If you have more on video, please get in touch so they can be embedded here.

Speech by Donnachadh McCarthy, with bagpipes - video by Tom Kearney:


Our thanks to the various people who took photos and videos at the event. We have done our best to credit the photos correctly, please let us know if we haven’t got it right.
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