Wall of Death - Thank yous

Donnachadh McCarthy writes…

Donnachadh McCarthy reveals the shocking information obtained through FOI requests sent to every London Borough.

Great success today everybody - loads of coverage for another vintage Stop Killing Cyclists protest!

Biggest thanks to everybody who contributed in loads of ways to Wall Of Death - especially to all of you who gave up your lunch-hours and held up the banner for a full hour.

It was a great privilege for us to have Debbie Dorling, the widow of Brian Dorling speak at the protest, despite the short notice.

Thanks to Will Nickell for his great FOI research,

Icame Isawi Steve for the Facebook page/images,

Abby Taubin for logistics,

Evey Allsopp for the moving bagpipe playing,

Harry for the PA system,

John Garthwaite for the stats backup,

Everybody who spread the word,

Mad Munk for his tweets,

Andrew Reeves-Hall for website wizardry,

David Fonseca for the placards.

Westminster Living Streets for endorsing and attending

Westminster Cyclists for promoting it

Apologies if I have missed anybody out!

We got buckets of coverage today and hopefully more tomorrow - so really worth it to keep the pressure up for our realisable goal of a wonderful modern safe cycling London.

Yes We Can!



Some of the media coverage is collated here:

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