Petition: already over 36,000 signatures

Donnachadh McCarthy writes:

The 38 Degrees Save our Cyclists Campaign petition launched by Rhiannon Redpath, who helped make the Mass Cycle Die-In an even bigger success, is making one last big push to increase their total of signatures before they hand it in on Tuesday…

UPDATE 09/12: details about the handover of the petition tomorrow, Tuesday 10 December, have been added to the end of this article - scroll down!

Rhiannon Redpath writes:

38 Degrees save our cyclists
The petition to ‘save our cyclists’ surpassed 36,000 signatures on 5 December — will you add your name too?

Dear Friends,

Incredible! In just three weeks over 35,000 36,000 of us have signed the Save our Cyclists petition and last week over one THOUSAND of us joined the mass Die In outside of Transport for London HQ, making headline news.

But it’s not over yet.

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Report Back from meeting with Minister of State for Transport

Donnachadh McCarthy writes…

Susan Kramer, The Baroness Kramer 2
Baroness Kramer

Thanks to everybody who helped brief me so quickly and effectively - we are an awesome force already !

Baroness Susan Kramer (Liberal Democrats, House of Lords) is very pro-cycling and says the Department for Transport (DfT) is really searching about to find what will actually deliver real positive change on the ground. However, ministerial responsibility lies with the Parliamentary Under-Secretary Robert Goodwill.

Ten minutes into the meeting, she interrupted me to ask Robert to join us but his meeting overran and this did not happen. My deduction from this is that she felt I was talking with a depth of experience on the ground.

The issues I raised were (apologies to those whose detailed suggestions I did not raise but we had only 1 hour including personal catch up):
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Andrew Gilligan Blasts Cycle Vigil and Die-In.

Donnachadh McCarthy writes…

When they start insulting us - you know we are beginning to win.

I was really impressed with the respectful and dignified manner in which Leon Daniels, Managing Director of Surface Transport at Transport for London responded to our Mass Die-In last night and had the courtesy to personally receive our list of demands.

He agreed to meet with a deputation from the protesters to discuss and listen to our demands.

Meanwhile instead of attending last night’s vigil, Boris Johnson’s £57,000 per year, 3 day week Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan was sadly typing out a hateful poison pen-letter about the protesters.

Andrew Gilligan
Andrew Gilligan, London’s Cycling Commissioner, wrote an article about the #TfLDieIn on the London Assembly’s Talk London website.

If Andrew Gilligan had attended last night’s vigil himself instead of spending his time composing inflammatory attacks, then maybe he would have witnessed a moving, heartfelt plea from ordinary Londoners and would not have shamefully descended into name-calling, labelling  the amazing, dignified protesters “the folk in the skull masks”.
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#TfLDieIn picture.

This amazing shot was taken from the top of a block of flats adjacent to the protest.
Wow - would have loved to have seen it from there!

(click on picture to see it full-size; further pictures and videos available at STOP THE KILLING event website)

#StopTheKilling #TfLDieIn
People lie in the intersection in front of the Transport for London headquarters on Blackfriars Road at #TfLDieIn on 29 November 2013. Copyright - Stop Killing Cyclists campaign