Stop Killing Cyclists Halts Hateful Boasting by Crash Experts

A number of our supporters recently posted news articles about how a company called Wayman Forensic Expert Witnesses specialises in getting dangerous drivers off the hook in court and preventing insurance companies having to pay compensation to the victims.

This ‘expert’ opinion has included such excuses as the sun was in the driver’s eyes, or that it’s perfectly fine to overtake dangerously close to cyclists, contrary to the Highway Code.

On Friday we launched a polite but forceful internet campaign to stop them boasting on social media sites and elsewhere about how they win cases for their dangerous drivers at the expense of dead and maimed cyclists and pedestrians.

Supporters posted messages of condemnation on social media sites; other than a short-lived tweet about being “trolled”, Wayman did not directly respond to the concerns raised.


Wayman Twitter page, before it was removed

Wayman Twitter page, before it was removed

Within hours they had removed their Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the long list of cases on their website.

Hopefully after this attention, Wayman Experts will review the effect their testimony has on the victims of road violence, and consider using their experience to ensure dangerous drivers are successfully prosecuted, not excused.

The problem is not just with one firm though.  The court system in the UK is not serving the victims of road collisions or their families; too often dangerous driving is excused by judges and juries.

That is why presumed liability is one of our demands to improve road safety.  This would place the default responsibility on the vehicle driver when there is a vehicle/pedestrian or vehicle/bicycle collision,  as implemented in most European countries.

Major National Event Announced

Oxford St flyer_revision

Timed to fall the weekend of the World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims, Stop Killing Cyclists and Stop The Killing, together with campaigners from across the country, will hold a funeral procession along Oxford Street, which is often known as the nation’s high street.

It will be in keeping with the creative, respectful protests we are becoming known for and draw on the experiences of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, as well as those more widely affected by air pollution and climate crisis caused by vehicle emissions.

Watch our launch video.

Facebook Event page

Event press release, which includes our list of demands.

Details to follow on our DIRECT ACTION page.

Launch Announcement: National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence

press release header

When: Saturday November 15th, 2014

Where: Oxford Street, London


Grassroots activists from Stop Killing Cyclists and Stop The Killing are organising the first ever massive, peaceful, dignified National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence, to be held along Oxford Street to Marble Arch, to symbolically mark all those who have lost their lives, or had them destroyed on Britain’s roads from:

  • Traffic Violence
  • Air-pollution
  • Obesity, through fear of walking or cycling
  • Worldwide effects of climate change.

The direct action is timed to fall on the weekend of the World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims.

Launch video for the National Funeral on YouTube:
Facebook Event page:
Stop Killing Cyclists website:
Stop The Killing website:

Stop The Killing Co-Founder Steve Routley said:

“We need to end the culture of acceptance that surrounds traffic violence and bring together road users of all kinds from across the country to demand real change in the way roads are perceived as public spaces.”

Stop The Killing Co-Founder Donnachadh McCarthy also said:

“The staggering number of deaths and injuries resulting from motorised traffic over the last decade stands at 2,400,000 people. This horrifically equates to the combined populations of Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff! This National Funeral of the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence is a clarion call to people across the UK to unite to bring this carnage and environmental destruction to an urgent end.”

The National Funeral Protest will present 10 Demands calling for urgent action from local and national government.

RSVP: [email protected] or 07947 884299



Notes for editors:

1. Stop Killing Cyclists is the direct action protest group set up after the recent spate of cyclist killings in London. They arranged the mass Die-In at TfL HQ where 1,500 cyclists lay down in the road in protest at the lack of safety investment in London.

2. Stop The Killing is the associated group of pedestrian, cycling and environmental grassroot activists who want to eliminate traffic violence.

3. Some of the statistics which the National Funeral wishes to highlight:-

Over the last decade (2003-12) the following “Pyramid of Death” resulted from traffic violence:

UK Cyclists Killed: 1,233 (DoT)
UK Pedestrians Killed: 5,787 (DoT)
UK Motorists Killed: 19,293 (DoT)
UK Patients Killed by Transport Pollution: 50,000 (NHS)
UK residents killed through physical inactivity due to lack of cycling infrastructure (estimated): 400,000 (Prof. Garfield)
Ten Year Total Killings: 476,313
Thus the number of people whose deaths can be attributed to traffic violence over the last decade is the equivalent of the population of Manchester.

Global Deaths due to Climate Crisis (ten years): 4,000,000 (UN)
Total UK Cyclists killed seriously injured or injured: 198,000
Total UK Pedestrians killed, seriously injured or injured: 298,300
Total UK Motorists killed, seriously injured or injured: 1,913,502
Total killed, seriously injured or injured on UK Roads over ten years: 2, 409,802.
This is the equivalent of the entire populations of Birmingham (1.1 million), Glasgow (0.6), Cardiff (0.3) and Manchester (0.5) combined.

4. The National Funeral protest’s 10 Demands are:

  1. Stop the Killing of Children – set up national, multi-billion pound programme to convert residential communities across Britain into living-street Home Zones to abolish dangerous rat-runs.
  2. Stop the Killing of Pedestrians – establish a national programme to fund pedestrianisation of our city and town centres, including the nation’s high-street, Oxford Street.
  3. Stop the Killing of Pensioners from excessive speed - introduce and enforce speed limit of 20 mph on all urban roads, 40 mph on rural roads/lanes and 60 mph on all other trunk roads.
  4. Stop the Killing of Cyclists - invest £15 billion in a National Segregated Cycle Network over the next 5 years.
  5. Stop the Killing by HGVs - ban trucks with blind spots by making safety equipment mandatory and strictly enforce current truck-safety regulations, to reduce levels of illegally dangerous trucks down from estimated 30% to less than 1%.
  6. Stop the Killing without liability - introduce a presumed civil liability law on behalf of vehicular traffic when they kill or seriously injure vulnerable road-users, where there is no evidence blaming the victim.
  7. Stop the Killing from Lung, Heart and other Diseases caused by vehicular pollutants - make it mandatory for particulate filters that meet latest EU emission standards to be fitted to all existing buses, lorries and taxis.
  8. Stop the Killing at Junctions - introduce pedestrian crossing times long enough for elderly disabled to cross. Legalise filtered junction crossings by cyclists with strict legal priority for pedestrians and carry out urgent programme of physically protected left-hand turns for cyclists.
  9. Stop the Killing from Climate Crisis caused by CO2 emissions - all transport fuels to be from environmentally-sustainable, renewable sources within 10 years.
  10. Focus on Life! Transport governance must make safety and quality of life the top priority. Reform all council transport departments, the Department of Transport and Transport for London into Cycling, Walking and Transport Departments with formal pedestrian and cyclist representation.

The momentum behind Stop Killing Cyclists is astonishing!!

Donnachadh writes…

The momentum behind Stop Killing Cyclists is astonishing!!

Big thanks for all the pressure for a safer cycling environment you guys are helping to create!

Just been thinking about what we collectively have done just this week:

Amazing what this grassroots group is doing with no money and no professional staff !!!

Many thanks to everybody who helped in any way

Yes We Are! 

Donnachadh & Steve

Read about our other accomplishments in January 2014 HERE.

Vigil Protest to Mark 1st London Cycling Death of 2014

press release header

When: 6-6.30 pm Tuesday 11th February.

Where: Redbridge Town Hall, 128-142 High Road, Ilford, IG1 1DD

Feeder Ride: Leaves from front of Kings Cross Station at 4.30pm

Trains from Central London: Liverpool Street Station

Please bring candles and placards.

A peaceful candlelit vigil to mark the first tragic killing of a cyclist in 2014.

Redbridge Council has so far refused to introduce a borough-wide 20mph speed limit. Traffic at 20mph kills up to 42% less pedestrians and cyclists than at 30 mph.

Redbridge Council has set derisory targets of 1.5% of journeys to be undertaken by bike by 2015 and 4% by 2025. In comparison many modern European cities have already achieved between 20 to 50% of journeys undertaken by bike. Currently only 1.2% of journeys in the borough are taken by bike.

Stop Killing Cyclists Co-founder Donnachadh McCarthy said “
Redbridge Council needs to immediately protect its pedestrians and cyclists by introducing a safe, borough wide 20mph zone and to invest with the Mayor in London in a comprehensive borough wide segregated cycle network within 5 years.“

He added: Last year 93 people’s lives were destroyed with 4 killed and 89 seriously injured on Redbridge’s streets, with hundreds more dying of transport pollution associated lung and heart diseases, and countless more from obesity related illnesses from lack of exercise due to fear of cycling. We want an end to the killing and maiming on Redbridge’s streets. “

RSVP: [email protected] or 07947 884299


Note to editors:

1. Stop Killing Cyclists is the direct action protest group set up after the recent spate of cyclist killings in London. They arranged the mass Die-In at TfL HQ where 1,500 cyclists lay down in the road in protest at the lack of safety investment in London.

2. The London boroughs are responsible for 95% of London’s roads, whereas the London Mayor and TfL control the remaining 5%, i.e. the large arterial routes.

Event: Vigil Protest to Mark First London Cyclist Killed in 2014

Where: Redbridge Town Hall, 128-142 High Road, Ilford, IG1 1DD

When: 6.00- 6.30pm Tuesday 11th February

Feeder Ride: Leaves front of Kings Cross Station 4.30pm

Trains from Central London: Liverpool Street to Ilford Station

Please bring candles.

Please also get the word out.

many thanks
Donnachadh & Icame Isawi Steve
Stop Killing Cyclists

Suggested Tweet: ‪

#‎StopKillingCyclists‬ Vigil Redbridge Town Hall 6pm Tuesday - First London Cyclist Killing of 2014


News story from Ilford Recorder: Cyclist dies after collision with car in Woodford Green

Guardian Series: Vigil protest as first cyclist dies in London this year (article notes that another person on a bicycle hit and seriously injured)


Looking back at January

Amazing - Grassroot Actions Rock !!

January was Stop Killing Cyclists’ second full month in existence.

Just look at the amazing list of actions you guys have helped deliver in just one month!! Whew - its been a whirlwind, rewarding and exciting month for cycling/pedestrian safety.

With NO money and with NO professional organisation!!

Whilst there is lots lots more to do over the coming months as we work towards our goal of safer streets for all - and the more members of Stop Killing Cyclists pitch in, the more we can achieve, I think we all ought to take a bow today!!

Thank you everyone who has helped so far.

Yes We Can!!

Donnachadh & Icame Isawi Steve
Co-founder Stop Killing Cyclists

January 2014 Stop Killing Cyclists Actions

1. Launched successful Subvertisement Internet Blitz Campaign which went round the world – where members creatively virtually graffitti’d Transport for London posters with safety campaign slogans. Inspired by Tom Kearney and Castel Burke.

2. Had top-level meeting with Transport for London’s Managing Director Leon Daniels and the London Mayor’s Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan to discuss Stop Killing Cyclists Demands. Attended by Steve Routley, Betty Sabha, Will Nickell, Donnachadh McCarthy and Tom Kearney. Briefing paper by David Hicks.

3. Successfully got Department of Transport to re-issue Ministerial Guidance on responsible pavement cycling.

4. Successfully persuaded Association of Chief Police Officers to issue the renewed Ministerial Guidance on pavement cycling to all local police forces.

5. Made formal submission to TfL consultation on dreadful proposals for Tower Bridge Road junction.

6. Will Nickell launched a massive research FOI project into the performance of all the 32 London Borough’s which are responsible for 95% of London’s roads.

7. Made formal submission to London Council’s consultation on lorry safety equipment for cyclists – urging them to require full complement of safety equipment. Initiated by David Robjant and Fred Smith.

8. Held members meeting to discuss Stop The Killing Coalition and agreed national event in November to highlight Traffic Violence.

9. Agreed formal letter requesting Times to change terrible misleading headline about a non-existent “army of walking wounded” created by cycling when in fact there is such a tragic army created by motorists. Many individual members likewise submitted objections.

10. Wrote to ASA objecting to decision to censor Cycling Scotland’s cycling safety advert which sought to ban all portrayals of people cycling in correct lane position or without helmets.

11. Successfully requested meeting with senior officers at Metropolitan Police for meeting to discuss policing of cycling in London.

12. One of our major demands which the Mayor’s Office two months ago in response to our TfL Die-In demonstration was “wacky” and said was impossible is now to be half-implemented – ban on blindly-driven trucks in London without certain safety equipment is now to be introduced.

13. Member Fred Smith submitted a response to Westminster Council’s cycling consultation.

14. Organised Deputation to call for urgent improvement in Southwark Council’s woeful record on cycling investment/safety to Southwark Council’s Full Assembly. Deputation included Jane Dent, Freddy Escobar, John Garthwaite Donnachadh McCarthy, Abby Taubin.

15. Steve Routley is preparing designs for launch of the Stop The Killing National Event in November for a Facebook launch next week.

16. A number of the above events got considerable media coverage in the local, national and specialist press.

17. We broke through our 1,700 member milestone today!!

18. Successfully persuaded TfL to include provision for cycling in Crossrail study of potential pedestrianisation of Oxford Street.

19. Got agreement of Cycling Commissioner to request Mayor to appoint cycling/pedestrian reps to TfL Board.

20. Sent out invites to 8th February Stop Killing Cyclists “Cycle Planning Disasters Tour”.

21. Steve Routley designed our great new logo.

22. Andrew Reeves-Hall ran our really useful Website (this one 🙂 )and press-release uploads.

23. Etc etc etc - apologies for volunteer names and actions I may have left out - let me know if I have !!

But most importantly thanks to all the un-named volunteers and supporters and Stop Killing Cyclists members without whose help none of the above could have happened.!!