Press Release: Cycle Planning Disasters Tour

SkC Press Release

Cycle Planning Disasters Tour

When: 2pm Saturday 8th February.

Where: Meet outside Southwark Council Offices, 160 Tooley Street, London SE1

What: Stop Killing Cyclists has invited London and Southwark Politicians, Transport for London (TfL) and the Press on a cycle-tour to show how the London Boroughs, TfL and The Mayor’s Office are frequently making London’s streets more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians with new developments.

The tour will include huge new regeneration projects at the Elephant & Castle and Camberwell, dangerous new junctions at Tower Bridge Road, Elephant and Southampton Way and a new housing development blocking permanently the Mayor’s Cycling Superhighway near the Oval.

Whilst most of these planning disasters are being created by the London Boroughs, some are being funded by the Mayor’s Office, whilst others are along the TfL routes.


Stop Killing Cyclists Co-founder Donnachadh McCarthy said,

“We hope by seeing in real life the cycle planning disasters being created in London right now by the London Boroughs’ planners and road-engineers, that those politicians responsible for over-seeing this lethal legacy will bring these disasters to an end.”


He added:

“In future all new London Developments need to have pedestrian and cyclist safety top of their agenda with safe segregated space for cyclists. We want an end to the killing and maiming on our streets. “

RSVP: [email protected] or 07947 884299

There is an adjacent Boris Bike Stand if people wish to hire a bike for the tour.



Note to editors:


1. Stop Killing Cyclists is the direct action protest group set up after the recent spate of cyclist killings in London. They arranged the mass Die-In at TfL HQ where 1,500 cyclists lay down in the road in protest at lack of safety investment in London.

2. The London Boroughs are responsible for 95% of London’s roads, whereas the London Mayor and TfL control the remaining 5% i.e. the very large arterial routes.

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