#TfLKillingTruth Internet Poster Blitz


At 8pm tonight, the 8th January 2014, please spread the “Subvertising” posters around the Internet by your favourite means - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, …

  • See our original blog about this campaign by clicking HERE
  • See a collage of various posters and subvertisements by clicking HERE
  • See a press release by clicking HERE (pdf)

Below are some cut & paste texts that you can use to spread the message far and wide; they include the hashtags used by Twitter and Facebook to group things: #TflKillingTruth and #StopKillingCyclists — you can also use #StopTheKilling if a poster is not specifically cycling related.

Thank you to all the volunteers who took the time to create the subvertisements… Castel Burke, Charlotte Cox, Tom Kearney, Donnachadh McCarthy, Maggie Mizzi.


  • Right-click on the image to the left and save it to your computer
  • Copy and paste the tweet-friendly text on the right into Twitter (or Facebook etc)
  • Add in the image that you saved to your computer
  • Repeat!
Image to download Tweet to send, or Facebook etc posting
Subvertisement - TMK - Two London buses a day in crashes #TfLKillingTruth Two London buses a day are involved in crashes with cyclists and pedestrians http://goo.gl/J40d9x
Subvertisement - CB - One person a day is killed #TfLKillingTruth 1 person a day is killed or seriously injured by a TfL bus #StopTheKilling http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement - CC - Ghost bike #TfLKillingTruth Don’t wait for more to die, Boris @MayorOfLondon #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement TMK8 - About 1200 people lying on the road in front of TfL HQ #TfLKillingTruth 2000+ killed or serioiusly injuried by TfL buses while Boris @MayorOfLondon http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement TMK7 - NYC has vision zero #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement TMK6 - Just another day on Europe's BUSiest shopping street #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement TMK5 - I think I'm being watched #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement TMK4 - And what's wrong with Zero #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement TMK3 - So what are TfL buses doing Leon #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement TMK2 - This HGV is lethal #TfLKillingTruth This HGV is lethal #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement TMK1 - Why are TfL buses hitting vulnerable road users so often #TfLKillingTruth Why are TfL buses hitting vulnerable road users so often #StopTheKilling http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement- DM - Real lanes not painted killing lanes #TfLKillingTruth Real lanes not painted killing lanes #StopKillingCyclists #StopTheKilling http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement - MM - The view through rose-tinted specs #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement - MM - Not just toxic #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement - MM - London make it safe for cycling #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Subvertisement - MM - Extend your life #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Poster - TK - 44 per cent of pedestrian fatalities #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x
 Poster - PH - Get killer trucks of our roads #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists http://goo.gl/J40d9x

2 thoughts on “#TfLKillingTruth Internet Poster Blitz”

  1. Not to be overly critical here, but the message on the first one posted today is confusing. Why have a quote about how BAD the driving is for the construction industry when compare to London busses, and then acuse London busses of killing people? It doesn’t connect or make any sense.

    1. Out of context the quote is a little confusing, I agree. It was made by Sir Peter when he was talking about the difference between bus schedules and those of HGVs, comparing the apparent flexibility of buses to the rigid approach encountered in the construction industry. The point made by the poster is that his words are pretty meaningless as the statistics for buses are just as damning as those for HGVs.

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