Vigil and Die-In: Lambeth Bridge at Millbank, Westminster

Moira Gemmill, 55, was killed on Thursday  9 April 2015 in the Lambeth Bridge roundabout in Westminster (photo: Evening Standard)
Moira Gemmill, 55, was killed on Thursday 9 April 2015 in the Lambeth Bridge roundabout in Westminster (photo: Evening Standard)

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Monday 20th April 2015
6pm for 6:30pm

What: Vigil and Die-In
When: Monday 20th April 2015 at 6 for 6:30pm
Where: Lambeth Bridge at Millbank, Westminster
Feeder rides: FEEDER RIDES
Tube: Westminster, Pimlico, Lambeth North
Twitter: #StopKillingCyclists
Coverage: Media coverage on Stop Killing Cyclists

Tell us you will be there: Facebook Event Listing

#StopKillingCyclists Vigil & DieIn: Lambeth Bridge at Millbank Mon 20 Apr 6p Re: crash involving HGV and bicycle

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What is this about?

Following the very sad news of the death of Moira Gemmill riding her bike today, Thursday 9th April 2015, there will be a Vigil and Die-In on MONDAY 20th April, meeting from 6pm for 6.30pm on Lambeth Bridge where she was killed

We ask as many of you as possible to attend and to remember her, as well as highlighting for the third time in just a few weeks, the need for space and decent infrastructure for people that choose to cycle.

Please would you share this information as much as possible?

If anyone knew the victim, and would like to take part in the vigil, you would be more than welcome. We would read out any message / statements on your behalf. But we also respect the privacy of family and friends if they do not wish to take part.

Report from London Evening Standard:

“London arts visionary Moira Gemmill killed by lorry while cycling near Lambeth Bridge; Designer, 55, was a major figure in the London arts world and was hand-picked by the Queen to oversee renovations at Windsor Castle”

  • Further media reports are at Stop Killing CyclistsCLICK HERE.
Scene of the fatal crash at Lambeth Bridge at Millbank (photo: @TwoWheelsGoodUK)

Location Map…

Lambeth Bridge at Millbank, Westminster

Feeder Rides

Please let us know if you will be leading a cycle ride (from where at what time). Generally, any children must be accompanied by their parents.

Knightsbridge (Victoria and Albert museum)

  • Led by Zorian Clayton
  • Meet outside the front of the V&A museum on Cromwell Road to leave at 5:30pm

Ludgate Circus

  • Led by Carl Myhill and Andrew D Smith
  • (thank you Andrew for bringing flowers to the vigil — ed.)
  • Meet 17:30 at Ludgate Circus (NE Corner by Leon) for departure at 17:40
  • The feeder ride will head South over Blackfriars Bridge, right at Southwark Station along The Cut and Baylis Road to Lambeth North tube station. Straight over and down Hercules Road to Lambeth Road. We will negotiate the South Roundabout and cross to the vigil over Lambeth Bridge. Please join us if you are able.
MaidstoneOnBike will be with this bicycle at Paddington Station about 5:30pm.

Paddington Station

  • Led by @maidstoneonbike
  • (arriving on a train from Cardiff at 17h30)
  • Meet at Praed Street entrance
  • Departs at 17h45
  • Intended route: Hyde Park, then Buckingham Palace, Buckingham Gate, Horseferry Road


  • Led by Terrence Stamp
  • Departs from the top of the CS2 directly outside Stratford High Street DLR Station at 5pm
Nic Fripp (on left) will be leading a ride from Walthamstow.


  • Led by Nic Fripp (look for a tall bloke with pink HiViz and flagpole)
  • Departs from Town Square (by the library) at 5pm prompt
  • Route to be taken:  MAP
  • Nik says: “There’s a rendezvous point in London Fields for anyone in Hackney who wants to join. I anticipate being there at 5.20 assuming a prompt start at 5pm and we aim to be at Lambeth Bridge by 6pm or so.”


  • Led by Bob Broad of Wandsworth Cycle Campaign (look for a bright red cycle)
  • Gather at the cafe on Tooting Common at 5.00 and depart sharp at 5.15
  • Will cycle from Tooting Common to Millbank Embankment/Lambeth Bridge junction

Other related things…

(not affiliated with this site or event but referenced in good faith)

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Support Space for Cycling Place order: London Cycle Campaign branded placard ‘Space for cycling’ (click HERE for website)
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    skippy mc carthy ‏@skippydetour now
    @BritishMonarchy @David_Cameron @nick_clegg @Ed_Miliband @Nigel_Farage 2 BUSY 4 THIS … BE THERE

    USE the power of the SOCIAL MEDIA to REMIND the ” handlers ” of these ” Puffed Up Buffoons ” , that there are real people oN BIKES !

    Perhaps some of those tweeted here , even met/knew this Lady , whose LIFE was cut short , because SHE chose to ride her Bike to work !

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