Vigil and Die-In: Lambeth Bridge at Millbank, Westminster

Moira Gemmill, 55, was killed on Thursday 9 April 2015 in the Lambeth Bridge roundabout in Westminster (photo: Evening Standard)
Moira Gemmill, 55, was killed on Thursday 9 April 2015 in the Lambeth Bridge roundabout in Westminster (photo: Evening Standard)

Moira Gemmill was killed in a crash whilst cycling at Lambeth Bridge and Millbank, Westminster on Thursday, 9 April 2015. There was a Vigil, Protest and Die-In on: MONDAY 20 April 2015 at 6pm.

Moira was the 25th person killed whilst cycling in the UK in 2015.
She was the 5th person killed in London whilst cycling - all in crashes involving an HGV. All but one of the victims were women.

Our deepest condolences go to victim’s family and friends.

Die-In at Lampbeth Bridge and Millbank on 20 April 2015 to remember Moira Gemmill and protest Westminster Council not reducing road danger (photo by José Antonio)
Die-In at Lampbeth Bridge and Millbank on 20 April 2015 to remember Moira Gemmill and protest Westminster Council not reducing road danger (photo by José Antonio)

Moira was widely respected as a “leading figure in architecture and design” - Christine Murray, editor of The Architectural Review told ITV London News:

I think the poor design of that infrastructure is something that she would have been a champion of solving: she believed design can make our city a safer and better place to live.”

Scene of the fatal crash at Lambeth Bridge at Millbank (photo: @TwoWheelsGoodUK)
Scene of the fatal crash at Lambeth Bridge at Millbank. Our deepest condolences to the woman’s family and friends. (photo: @TwoWheelsGoodUK)


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Media Coverage - After the Vigil

Media Coverage - Before the Vigil

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Media Coverage - After the Vigil

London Evening Standard published photo and article about the vigil on 21 April 2015 (page 4)
London Evening Standard published photo and article about the vigil on 21 April 2015 (page 4)

London Evening Standard:

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Media Coverage - Before the Vigil

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Video Reports and Interviews

YouTube: ITV London News - ITV London News, 20 April 2015

YouTube: Tom Kearney - “A Bright Light Will Shine Through Westminster’s Towering Walls of Indifference”

YouTube: DrMorocho - Vigil to remember Moira Gemmill


  • Nicola Branch, Stop Killing Cyclists
  • Ted Brown, Stop Killing Cyclists
  • Mustafa Arif, London Cycling Campaign
  • Peter Hartley, Chair Westminster Living Streets
  • Beth McKillop, Deputy Director, V&A
  • Tom Kearney, Safer Oxford Street campaigner

Tom Kearney…

Ted Brown…

Hello. I’m Ted Brown, one of the volunteers composing Stop Killing Cyclists, who’ve arranged this Vigil and Die-in as a tribute to Moira Gemmill, who was killed here by a tipper truck on Thursday, 9th April.

Moira had been Director of Design at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her design and architectural work is acknowledged to have reinvigorated the Museum, and she’d recently been selected by the Queen as Director of the Capital Program to work on architecture and design at the Royal Palaces. She was riding her bike on the way to St. James Palace when she was struck by a tipper truck and killed.

Stop Killing Cyclists is holding this vigil in her name.

There are other speakers here who will tell you more about Ms. Gemmill, the focus of this, Stop Killing Cyclists’ fifth such vigil for cyclists killed in London since the beginning of the year. The previous four are Stephanie Turner on 20th January, Akis Kolaris, 2nd February, Frederica Baldassa, 6th February and Claire-Hitier Abadie, 19th February.

First a few words on Stop Killing Cyclists, how we all come to be here today and the circumstances which led to these unnecessary deaths. Stop Killing Cyclists was launched by Donnachadh McCarthy and Stephen Routely in November 2013, following the killing of six cyclists within the space of two weeks. Since then Stop Killing Cyclists has gathered together people to actively voice our concerns about the lack of safe infrastructure on the roads for those most vulnerable, pedestrians and cyclists.

Stop Killing Cyclists has contacted authorities such as Transport for London, Westminster City Council and others, also conducting public protests and Die-ins, protesting at their stubborn refusals to move quickly to address safety issues on our roads.

At the end of last year Stop Killing Cyclists vowed to hold vigils to commemorate every cyclist in London killed by a motor vehicle. This decision was not to ignore the deaths of the other vulnerable road users. It would be impossible to hold a vigil for every pedestrian killed, since for every reported cyclist killed there are eight or more pedestrian deaths, most of which go unreported.

This brings us to one of the circumstances which led to the death of Moira Gemmil and that of many others. It is the way our culture has become accustomed, almost indifferent, to the number of killings on the roads, which is reflected specifically in this case.

After years of prior campaigning by numerous cycling and safety campaign groups, Transport for London developed safety proposals for Lambeth Bridge and this junction in 2012. But, due mainly to objections by Westminster City Council, those plans were abandoned.

Indifferently, in the three years since then, nothing has been done by either TfL or Westminster to improve safety at this notorious junction and roundabout.

Moira and the thousands of other cyclists and pedestrians who use this junction have not been provided with the protection they need to save lives.

The authorities only act under pressure. So we’re asking, on behalf of Moira Gemmill, the others who have been killed and those in danger of being killed on the roads, that we all do what we can to demand safer roads. These unnecessary injuries and killings must end. Ironically, Director Martin Roth remembers Moira proudly proclaiming that “good design could change society”. For her sake, let us demand well designed roads and traffic infrastructure.


Paul Brocklehurst…

Nicolas Chinardet…

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Tami Piz Fer

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Tom Kearney…

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6 thoughts on “Vigil and Die-In: Lambeth Bridge at Millbank, Westminster”

  1. Now more than ever important that thousands turn up for this. It is the only way to get the message across to those that just want to talk the issues into the longest of long grass.

  2. There will be a feeder ride from Wandsworth to the vigil on Monday.
    It will be led by Bob Broad and gather at the cafe on Tooting Common at 5.00 and depart sharp at 5.15. So people can spot me I ride a bright red cycle. Please add in the note that children must be accompanied by their parents.
    We will cycle from Tooting Common to Millbank Embankment/Lambeth Bridge junction- the meeting place for the die -in…
    See More

  3. From the pictures, the crash happened before the give way line at the roundabout, Moira was from the indications of the crash scene on the right side of the lane (turning right to get to The Mall?). The bike travelled across and under the truck before becoming wedged under the left side of the truck, possibly jamming the wheel and steering. There is no visible sign of severe braking by the truck driver between the tent (covering body/point of impact evidence) and the final stopping point. 15 -20 metres to stop from a speed which should have been slow enough to stop at the give way line for traffic on the roundabout?

    The approach to the roundabout is 2 widening lanes, inviting a fast approach and acceleration. the cycle lane FWIW on Lambeth Bridge ends before the zebra crossing to previde space for 2 full traffic lanes. At peak times there is often a queue of traffic in the left lane, as the main flow of motor traffic here is between Lambeth Bridge and Millbank, South arm, heading for Chelsea. The queue of traffic in the nearside lane can block the sight-line for approaching vehicles pulling out to use the outer lane.

    A review of cycle crashes in the area over the past 10 years indicates around 40 incidents. An FoI request to Westminster Council for the reports mandated by Section 39 RTA 1988 investigating road crashes on their roads, made in July 2014 is still awaiting a response. TfL similarly do not provide any publish reports on the mandated requirement of s 39.3.a Road Traffic Act 1988, save for a very general overview of the total number of crashes and their type.

    Neither the Police investigation report (establishing whether an offence has been committed) nor the Inquest report (establishing the causes of death and seeking to prevent any future deaths from those causes) are likely to be published, to provide any opportunities to learn from thsi event and take appropriate action.

    This MUST change, and the action recommended by the PACTS report tabled on 25 March MUST be on the agenda for immediate attention from the new Parliament after 8th May

  4. Not being a Lawyer and being an Aussie living in Austria , i am unfamiliar with the contents of the following : ” ” in respect to the role of ” Cllr Heather Acton (Con), Westminster City Council ” & ” W.C.C. ” , in the Deaths of Moira Gemmil & the other Lady Cyclist .

    Could there be a way for ” Stop Killing Cyclists ” to raise the Funds REQUIRED to initiate a Civil Legal Action to bring to Court , each of these parties to the rejection of the ” TFL Plans of 2012/3 “?

    There must be a way to cause people to be accountable for their decisions , when acting in a Remunerated Role ? Even if serving the Council as a Volunteer , there should be accountability ?

    In respect of the collision KILLING Moira Gemmil , is there a way to ACT on the Driver’s Employer , to ensure that a Precedent is set ?

    IF Boris Johnson can be joined as a Defendent in these matters , so much the better , since , each year he is returning to Treasury , monies allocated , but not expended , for what ever reason , that were earmarked for ” Safety Projects “!

    IF , ” SKC ” is to be of any value , and the Time & Effort already expended is to have value , then a ” FundRaising Ability ” must be sought and put into effect at the earliest possible time , so as to tackle the New National Government as it takes Office !

    As regards the main ” SKC Daily Facebook Page ” , as previously requested , the London Bus Watch needs to be the 2nd Pinned Post ! Always remember that people are reluctant to search out ” Bad News”, thus much of the ” Video Evidence ” teeters on the edge of being ADDED to the accumulasting visibility of the Culpability of the Directors & Management of TFL !

    It annoys/angers me greatly that about 12 months has elapsed since i was a victim of TFL ‘s ADMITTED LIABILITY , yet there is No Visible Evidence of a desire by them to deal CORRECTLY with the outcomes of their Employee/Sub Contractors behaviour ! No doubt i am at the back of a queue of similar VICTIMS , awaiting resolution of their situation ?

    Is there any way that Tom Kearney , can discover WHAT Bonus , Leon Daniels received for 2014 , and what % increase on 2013 ?

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