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Subvertisements #TfLKillingTruth - an Internet-based Poster Blitz

Click on the collage to see all the posters which are at the STOP THE KILLING website.
Click on the collage to see all the posters which are at the STOP THE KILLING website.

Our latest “event” for STOP KILLING CYCLISTS…

#TfLKillingTruth Internet Poster Blitz Protest

Start Time: Wednesday 8th January 2014, 8pm


After the recent spate of cycling tragedies, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police Leadership instead of tackling the causes of the deaths and their killers, instead went on a destructive rampage of attacking cyclists and the Stop Killing Cyclists protests.

They shamefully blamed the cyclists for their own deaths and outrageously blamed our protests for discouraging people from cycling.

The police fined cyclists at a rate of 3,500% higher than drivers and not a single extra penny has been added to the cycling safety budget or a single extra junction proposed to be made safer since the killings, by Transport for London or the 32 Boroughs. TfL also produced a series of posters aimed at victims rather than the killers.

In response Stop Killing Cyclists are launching an Internet Poster Blitz .


Members of the Stop Killing Cyclists group on Facebook (HERE) have created an array of provocative posters, which will be launched on Wednesday evening at 8pm.

You can find them on the ‘Stop the killing’ website because not just people on bicycles are being killed on the roads - click

Stop Killing Cyclists members will then start emailing, twittering, Facebook sharing, Blog posting , web-siting etc etc the posters across the internet.

A number of these posters are sub-vertisements of the victim posters issued by TfL and are intended to criticise and transform the message into one of protest!

Our 15 demands include:

  • £600 million spent per annum on cycle safety by TfL;
  • 10% of the Boroughs transport budgets to be spent on cycling infrastructure;
  • 2 TfL Board members representing cycling; and,
  • A fully integrated segregated cycle network within 5 years.

Being able to cycle around London without fear of death is a human right for all age groups.

Please from Wednesday 8pm, start circulating these posters far and wide, so we can get our message heard! Please use the suggested hashtags like #TfLKillingTruth and #StopKillingCyclists

Many thanks
Donnachadh McCarthy
Steve Routley
Co-founders Stop Killing Cyclists