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ITV4 Cycle Show interviews co-founder

Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists, was interviewed on ITV’s The Cycle Show.

The popular ITV4 ‘Cycle Show’ included a segment on cycling safety in their programme that went out this week, on Thursday 16 July 2015.

The segment started with an introduction to issues faced by people who have chosen to cycle, including HGV dangers. That was followed by an interview in the studio between the host and Dr.Rachel Aldred, a senior lecturer in transport at Westminster University, and Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists.

Donnachadh stated,

Cyclists are just [like] the canary in the mineshaft: around 12 to 16 cyclists get killed a year in London, which is terrible, but 100 pedestrians and what is really shocking is that around 3500 die from inactivity diseases because they are afraid of cycling. So we see ourselves as a campaign to stop killing everybody.

He continued,

So what we need is to invest money. The Dutch have invested something like £28 a year per person for nearly 40 years; we’re investing around £2. That is damaging our health and our economy.

You can watch the program on ITV4 player or on YouTube.

Stop Killing Cyclists with London Cycling Commissioner on ITV London News

Donnachadh writes…
Boris Johnson, The Mayor of London, needs to tackle the appalling situation that an estimated 30% of the trucks on London’s roads are being driven in an illegally dangerous state or illegally driven.

His cycling commissioner, Andrew Gilligan, twisted my fact about Boris targeting cyclists with fines at a rate 8 times higher than the trucks that are killing us, into a stat about all drivers, which is not what I said…..

I said the Mayor [Met Police] fined cyclists at a rate 8 times higher than the trucks that were killing us ( 4,000 fines for cyclists - 600 for trucks) - Gilligan attacked me saying I was wrong saying that they fined drivers 71% and Cyclists 29% and stating cyclists were 29% of inner London vehicles (?!!) but note he switched from TRUCKs to DRIVERS!!

ITV News London - Tuesday 27 May 2013 - 2013 Cycling KSI Released by Mayor

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