Vigil and Die-In: Vernon Place, Holborn

Following the very sad news of the death of Fédérica Baldassa, 26, on Friday 6th February at Vernon Place Holborn, there was a Vigil and Die-In on
MONDAY 16th February
meeting from 6pm for 6.30pm

where she was killed.

Fédérica Baldassa (photo:Evening Standard)

Fédérica was the 16th person killed whilst cycling in the UK in 2015.

We ask as many of you as possible to attend and to remember our fellow cyclist as well as highlighting for the third time in just a few weeks, the need for space and decent infrastructure for cyclists.

Our deepest condolences go to Fédérica’s family and friends.

Event Listing: On website; and On Facebook

Thank Yous

Media Coverage - After the Event

Media Coverage - Before the Event

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Thank Yous

Nicola Branch, organiser…

Thank you so much to everyone who turned up on a cold and wet evening to remember Fédérica Baldassa.
As soon as we have heard from the family and friends, we will post up the details of the cycle parade that the parents of Fédérica want to organise in her memory.

From Steven Routley, co-founder Stop Killing Cyclists…

Once again it seems the new team have managed a perfectly balanced event, and the ongoing participation of many dedicated members of the city’s cycling community has proven the will for both respectful remembrance and radical change. Well done to all, and well done for taking the road in spite of the police’s refusal to close it for you. I wish I could have been there myself, and I’d say maybe next time, but I hope (against statistical probability) that there isn’t a next time.
R.I.P. Fédérica Baldassa.

Media Coverage - After the Vigil

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London Evening Standard:

London Live (video):

Media Coverage - Before the Vigil


West End Extra:

London Evening Standard:


Camden New Journal:

Video Reports and Interviews

YouTube: Velo London - Vernon Place Die-In

YouTube: TJStamp - Remembering Federica Baldassa - Heading to the Vigil

YouTube: SonOfTheWindsInc - Rest In Peace Federica


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