Vauxhall Die-In Programme

(subject to change)

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Google Streetview of Vauxhall where people cycling along Wandsworth Road are forced to join the main carriageway.

Before 7:30am // Setup

Gather at wide pavement - Junction of Wandsworth Road and Vauxhall Bridge (Organisers will be there from 7am).

Please bring candles to lay around the bike.

7.30am // Opening Bagpiper playing Scottish Laments

Two bagpipers will play laments for the pedestrians and cyclists who have died at Vauxhall Cross and at similar junctions across London.

7.45am // Short Rally

Short rally with grassroot safety campaigners

8.00am // White Sheeted Die-In

THIS IS WHERE WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP: We want a line of at least 82 bodies to lie down in a line along the pavement.

So please lie down one-by-one beside each other and then cover yourselves with a white sheet.

Once everybody is lying down, the Ave Maria will be sung by opera singer Louisa Beard, accompanied on acoustic guitar by Luke Dunlea.

It will last about 10 minutes.

The Die-In will take place on the very wide pavement where the Cycle By-Pass should have been installed years ago.

8.15am // End of Die-In

The end of the Die-In will be accompanied by a trumpeter playing The Last Post.

8.20am // Final Speech

The organisers will give a short speech ending with three cheers for the many gifts cycling gives to all Londoners including safer streets, cleaner air and a better economy.

Please bring your banners and placards.

Thank you!!

Many thanks to everybody who has helped already in so many ways - it is really appreciated - it is again amazingly a 100% pure grassroots protest with no funding and no professional organisation.

See you Thursday morning

Donnachadh & Steve x

PS we are heading to the Tea Theatre for a cuppa after - would be great to catch up with those not needing to rush off to work or college.

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