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Looking down at the Vauxhall Die-In on 19 December 2013 (Photo:©Roman Podolczuk)
Looking down at the Vauxhall Die-In on 19 December 2013 (Photo:©Roman Podolczuk)

Roman took the photo looking down on the die-in protest after hearing the bag-piper playing. He told us, “I just heard the bagpipes as I was eating my breakfast so took the pic from my apartment window. Good work, was a nice way to protest… peaceful, nice music, good cause - I cycle here often on a Boris bike, does feel like you’re taking your life in your hands sometimes!”
Our thanks to him for letting us use his photo - you can download a full-resolution version HERE. Please credit Roman Podolczuk whenever or where-ever you use it.

Thank you!!

A big “thank you” goes out to everyone who woke up early to make their way to Vauxhall for the die-in event which started at 7:30am on 19th December 2013.

This was the second Die-In in London - to read about the previous events click: DIRECT ACTIONS.

For the archive of the event plans click: ARCHIVE.

Huge Thanks Everyone.

Some great shots here of this morning’s Protest by Rachel Megwhat at Demotix.

I found the picture of Andy Allsop and Evey Allsop cuddled together and the bagpipes on top of them, especially moving.

For some reason, it really brought home the human costs paid by those left behind whose partners have been killed unnecessarily….

Big thanks to all those who help make the event a success.

Louisa for your beautiful singing,
Bob, Evey, Sam and Luke for the gift of your music,
the speakers Tom and Alison for your passion,
all those who distributed flyers in all kinds of weather,
Aura who did press work,
Luke, Heather, Alison, John, Charlotte etc etc who helped flyering, those who printed flyers n stickers n banners,
Harry for your solar powered, cycle-transported PA system and mike,
the police cycle-team who very movingly laid their bikes down as part of the die-in,
Andrew for running our website,
Rhiannon for emailing your signatories,
LCC for allowing us to post on your FB page, Road CC for advertising the event, Krisztian for delivering flyers all over London and printing our stickers
and most importantly BIG thanks to all you guys who were heroes who got up at the crack of dawn in mid-winter to cycle to Vauxhall Cross to lie down and die-in for the human rights of all Londoners to a better city.

If you would like to help us continue providing a radical direct-action protests for a better cycling city, please join our Facebook group: Stop Killing Cyclists.

Cycle safely and have a great holiday break everyone and join the discussions in the New Year on where we go next on our Facebook page.

Big hugs
Donnachadh & Steve x


The die-in event was covered by the media, including  BBC London TV and a Channel 4 Documentary Team…


Some of the speeches from the event. If you have them on video, please get in touch so they can be embedded here.

  • Alison Higgs: Click HERE (video)
  • Tom Kearney: Click HERE
  • Donnachadh McCarthy: Watch HERE (Video)

Pictures and Videos

Our thanks to the various people who took photos and videos at the #VauxhallDemo die-in event. We have done our best to credit the photos and videos.
Additional photos are also at:


1. Son of the Winds (aka TrafficDroid, aka Lewis): ‘Operation Safe Way’
Lewis’ video includes two of the speeches given at the event; the last one is by organiser Donnachadh McCarthy.
Lewis has named his video ‘Operation Safe Way’ which reflects the ongoing MET police operation at junctions in London - police have been handing out tickets and safety advice to people riding bicycles, people walking and people driving. The Vauxhall location where this die-in was staged is where police have stopped people from taking to the safer pavement and told them to ride their bicycles on the road - you can see the poor design of the cycle route: it stops half-way around the corner which means people need to join the main carriageway at one of the most dangerous places. This is a failing of design. Design is the responsibility of the road and cycle route owners. In other words, in this case, Transport for London and the Borough. We thank Lewis for giving his permission to reproduce his video here. He has made many (many! many!) videos whilst riding his bicycle - see his YouTube channel SonofthewindsInc.


We thank the people named below each photo for permitting us to reproduce them here…

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