29 November 2013 @ 5pm

Rory Jackson's photo of over a thousand people lying 'dead' in the middle of Blackfriars Road, London. Converted to black & white.
Over a thousand people “die in” Blackfriars Road in front of the Transport for London headquarters on 29 November 2013. Picture by Rory Jackson, converted to black & white.

Thank you!

The event has now made history! “Thank yous” are sent to everyone who assisted with its success, especially to those who came to the peaceful protest - and those who were with us in their hearts.

A special thank you goes to the MET police for their professional and efficient management of the road closure to keep us all safe.

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What’s Next?

A letter from the organisers, Donnachadh McCarthy and Steve Routley, was handed over to Mr Peter Hendy, the London Transport Commissioner, at the end of the event. It detailed the changes that the organisers want to see done urgently to London’s transport network and for TfL itself - to stop the killing. They will be ringing Mr Hendry to arrange a follow-up meeting.

Please do continue to keep the pressure on politicians - both in London and around the UK - to improve the roads network we all share. For a liveable London. For a liveable UK.

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The remainder of this page is now archived - it has been left in the form it was as of 29 November 2013.

Stop The Killing - poster for 29 Nov 2013 London event with website

The Three Asks…

This peaceful protest is asking for:

  1. The Mayor and Boroughs to spend at least the same per person on cycling provision as The Netherlands (the UK spends about £1.25 per person - The Netherlands spends about £33 per person);
  2. A ban on vehicles whose drivers cannot see adjacent road-users; and,
  3. A full London-wide segregated network to be built urgently.

Everyone is invited to the event, as everyone will benefit from making things better than they currently are. Ride a bicycle? Come along. Walk about town? Come along. Drive a car, bus or lorry? Come along.

Thanks go to Dave Standard and Ealing Cycling for the video.

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Press release.

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Police notice of road closures.

Location Map…

197 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8NJ 5pm, 29 November 2013

Lead-in feeder rides…

(Click HERE to see full-sized feed-in map)

If you are going to cycle to the event from a bit further afield, then you are most welcome to join with others who will be leaving from these locations

  • Canada Water Station, leaving at 4:30pm
  • Crystal Palace, SE19 (Blue Door Bikes at Westrow/Central Hill/Gipsy Hill), leaving 4pm
  • Dulwich Roundabout, leaving at 4:20pm
  • Ealing Town Hall, leaving at 4pm
  • Hackney Town Hall, leaving at 4pm
  • Haringey Town Hall (Tottenham), leaving at 4pm
  • Horse Guards Parade (Field Marshal Earl Roberts statue), leaving 4:40pm
  • Kings Cross / St. Pancras (Euston Road), leaving at 4:30pm (Aldwich 4:45pm)
  • Queen Mary University London (Mile end campus East gate), leaving at 4:00pm
  • University of East London / Cyprus Station, leaving at 4pm
  • Victoria Station Platform 1 exit (Bridge Place), leaving at 4:30pm
  • Walthamstow (library, High St, E17 7JN), leaving at 4:00pm
  • Wallington Green (Duke’s Head pub), leaving at 3:30pm

If you want to organise a feeder ride then go to the Facebook event and mention it there. Through the power of people, it will find its way eventually onto this page!

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