Here are some of the campaigning groups and individuals working towards the same goal of reducing (eliminating!) the conflict on the roads that leads to many thousands of people being killed or seriously injured.

 STOP KILLING CYCLISTS - Rory Jackson photo with vertical banner Stop Killing Cyclists (“radical and peaceful”)
RoadPeace logo RoadPeace (national charity for road crash victims)
Space for Cycling Space For Cycling (national; also see London-focused LCC space4cycling)
 The bus stops here - safer oxford street for everyone The Bus Stops Here: A Safer Oxford Street for Everyone
Brake charity logo Brake - the road safety charity



All that we do is based on volunteering and donations. We thank everyone for their help in support of Stop the Killing and Stop Killing Cyclists. Hopefully you have already been told by others in the group just how much we appreciate your donation of time, experience, supplies, equipment, positive encouragement, and whatever else you bring to the table. Truly: Thank you.

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