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Wall of Death – Thank yous

Donnachadh McCarthy writes…

Donnachadh McCarthy reveals the shocking information obtained through FOI requests sent to every London Borough.
Donnachadh McCarthy reveals the shocking information obtained through FOI requests sent to every London Borough.

Great success today everybody – loads of coverage for another vintage Stop Killing Cyclists protest!

Biggest thanks to everybody who contributed in loads of ways to Wall Of Death – especially to all of you who gave up your lunch-hours and held up the banner for a full hour.

It was a great privilege for us to have Debbie Dorling, the widow of Brian Dorling speak at the protest, despite the short notice.

Thanks to Will Nickell for his great FOI research,

Icame Isawi Steve for the Facebook page/images,

Abby Taubin for logistics,

Evey Allsopp for the moving bagpipe playing,

Harry for the PA system,

John Garthwaite for the stats backup,

Everybody who spread the word,

Mad Munk for his tweets,

Andrew Reeves-Hall for website wizardry,

David Fonseca for the placards.

Westminster Living Streets for endorsing and attending

Westminster Cyclists for promoting it

Apologies if I have missed anybody out!

We got buckets of coverage today and hopefully more tomorrow – so really worth it to keep the pressure up for our realisable goal of a wonderful modern safe cycling London.

Yes We Can!



Some of the media coverage is collated here:

Stop Killing Cyclists Halts Hateful Boasting by Crash Experts

A number of our supporters recently posted news articles about how a company called Wayman Forensic Expert Witnesses specialises in getting dangerous drivers off the hook in court and preventing insurance companies having to pay compensation to the victims.

This ‘expert’ opinion has included such excuses as the sun was in the driver’s eyes, or that it’s perfectly fine to overtake dangerously close to cyclists, contrary to the Highway Code.

On Friday we launched a polite but forceful internet campaign to stop them boasting on social media sites and elsewhere about how they win cases for their dangerous drivers at the expense of dead and maimed cyclists and pedestrians.

Supporters posted messages of condemnation on social media sites; other than a short-lived tweet about being “trolled”, Wayman did not directly respond to the concerns raised.


Wayman Twitter page, before it was removed

Wayman Twitter page, before it was removed

Within hours they had removed their Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the long list of cases on their website.

Hopefully after this attention, Wayman Experts will review the effect their testimony has on the victims of road violence, and consider using their experience to ensure dangerous drivers are successfully prosecuted, not excused.

The problem is not just with one firm though.  The court system in the UK is not serving the victims of road collisions or their families; too often dangerous driving is excused by judges and juries.

That is why presumed liability is one of our demands to improve road safety.  This would place the default responsibility on the vehicle driver when there is a vehicle/pedestrian or vehicle/bicycle collision,  as implemented in most European countries.

Major National Event Announced

Oxford St flyer_revision

Timed to fall the weekend of the World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims, Stop Killing Cyclists and Stop The Killing, together with campaigners from across the country, will hold a funeral procession along Oxford Street, which is often known as the nation’s high street.

It will be in keeping with the creative, respectful protests we are becoming known for and draw on the experiences of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, as well as those more widely affected by air pollution and climate crisis caused by vehicle emissions.

Watch our launch video.

Facebook Event page

Event press release, which includes our list of demands.

Details to follow on our DIRECT ACTION page.

Short film about TfL Mass Cyclist Die-In by Southeasy

Donnachadh McCarthy writes…

Some local south-east London young people made this short film about that amazing moving evening when Stop Killing Cyclists cyclists staged our first powerful, moving protest in front of TfL’s HQ.

It is hard to believe with all that has been happening since with the creation of Stop Killing Cyclists etc that it was less than two months ago since we organised it.

Thanks to everybody who helped make it happen and pitched in with all the actions that have resulted from it since.

Yes We Can!

Donnachadh & Icame Isawi Steve

Further information about the TfL die-in is HERE.

#TfLKillingTruth Internet Poster Blitz


At 8pm tonight, the 8th January 2014, please spread the “Subvertising” posters around the Internet by your favourite means – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, …

  • See our original blog about this campaign by clicking HERE
  • See a collage of various posters and subvertisements by clicking HERE
  • See a press release by clicking HERE (pdf)

Below are some cut & paste texts that you can use to spread the message far and wide; they include the hashtags used by Twitter and Facebook to group things: #TflKillingTruth and #StopKillingCyclists — you can also use #StopTheKilling if a poster is not specifically cycling related.

Thank you to all the volunteers who took the time to create the subvertisements… Castel Burke, Charlotte Cox, Tom Kearney, Donnachadh McCarthy, Maggie Mizzi.


  • Right-click on the image to the left and save it to your computer
  • Copy and paste the tweet-friendly text on the right into Twitter (or Facebook etc)
  • Add in the image that you saved to your computer
  • Repeat!
Image to download Tweet to send, or Facebook etc posting
Subvertisement - TMK - Two London buses a day in crashes #TfLKillingTruth Two London buses a day are involved in crashes with cyclists and pedestrians
Subvertisement - CB - One person a day is killed #TfLKillingTruth 1 person a day is killed or seriously injured by a TfL bus #StopTheKilling
 Subvertisement - CC - Ghost bike #TfLKillingTruth Don’t wait for more to die, Boris @MayorOfLondon #StopKillingCyclists
 Subvertisement TMK8 - About 1200 people lying on the road in front of TfL HQ #TfLKillingTruth 2000+ killed or serioiusly injuried by TfL buses while Boris @MayorOfLondon
 Subvertisement TMK7 - NYC has vision zero #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists
 Subvertisement TMK6 - Just another day on Europe's BUSiest shopping street #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists
 Subvertisement TMK5 - I think I'm being watched #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists
 Subvertisement TMK4 - And what's wrong with Zero #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists
 Subvertisement TMK3 - So what are TfL buses doing Leon #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists
 Subvertisement TMK2 - This HGV is lethal #TfLKillingTruth This HGV is lethal #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists
 Subvertisement TMK1 - Why are TfL buses hitting vulnerable road users so often #TfLKillingTruth Why are TfL buses hitting vulnerable road users so often #StopTheKilling
 Subvertisement- DM - Real lanes not painted killing lanes #TfLKillingTruth Real lanes not painted killing lanes #StopKillingCyclists #StopTheKilling
 Subvertisement - MM - The view through rose-tinted specs #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists
 Subvertisement - MM - Not just toxic #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists
 Subvertisement - MM - London make it safe for cycling #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists
 Subvertisement - MM - Extend your life #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists
 Poster - TK - 44 per cent of pedestrian fatalities #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists
 Poster - PH - Get killer trucks of our roads #TfLKillingTruth #StopTheKilling #StopKillingCyclists

Subvertisements #TfLKillingTruth – an Internet-based Poster Blitz

Click on the collage to see all the posters which are at the STOP THE KILLING website.
Click on the collage to see all the posters which are at the STOP THE KILLING website.

Our latest “event” for STOP KILLING CYCLISTS…

#TfLKillingTruth Internet Poster Blitz Protest

Start Time: Wednesday 8th January 2014, 8pm


After the recent spate of cycling tragedies, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police Leadership instead of tackling the causes of the deaths and their killers, instead went on a destructive rampage of attacking cyclists and the Stop Killing Cyclists protests.

They shamefully blamed the cyclists for their own deaths and outrageously blamed our protests for discouraging people from cycling.

The police fined cyclists at a rate of 3,500% higher than drivers and not a single extra penny has been added to the cycling safety budget or a single extra junction proposed to be made safer since the killings, by Transport for London or the 32 Boroughs. TfL also produced a series of posters aimed at victims rather than the killers.

In response Stop Killing Cyclists are launching an Internet Poster Blitz .


Members of the Stop Killing Cyclists group on Facebook (HERE) have created an array of provocative posters, which will be launched on Wednesday evening at 8pm.

You can find them on the ‘Stop the killing’ website because not just people on bicycles are being killed on the roads – click

Stop Killing Cyclists members will then start emailing, twittering, Facebook sharing, Blog posting , web-siting etc etc the posters across the internet.

A number of these posters are sub-vertisements of the victim posters issued by TfL and are intended to criticise and transform the message into one of protest!

Our 15 demands include:

  • £600 million spent per annum on cycle safety by TfL;
  • 10% of the Boroughs transport budgets to be spent on cycling infrastructure;
  • 2 TfL Board members representing cycling; and,
  • A fully integrated segregated cycle network within 5 years.

Being able to cycle around London without fear of death is a human right for all age groups.

Please from Wednesday 8pm, start circulating these posters far and wide, so we can get our message heard! Please use the suggested hashtags like #TfLKillingTruth and #StopKillingCyclists

Many thanks
Donnachadh McCarthy
Steve Routley
Co-founders Stop Killing Cyclists

Andrew Gilligan Blasts Cycle Vigil and Die-In.

Donnachadh McCarthy writes…

When they start insulting us – you know we are beginning to win.

I was really impressed with the respectful and dignified manner in which Leon Daniels, Managing Director of Surface Transport at Transport for London responded to our Mass Die-In last night and had the courtesy to personally receive our list of demands.

He agreed to meet with a deputation from the protesters to discuss and listen to our demands.

Meanwhile instead of attending last night’s vigil, Boris Johnson’s £57,000 per year, 3 day week Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan was sadly typing out a hateful poison pen-letter about the protesters.

Andrew Gilligan
Andrew Gilligan, London’s Cycling Commissioner, wrote an article about the #TfLDieIn on the London Assembly’s Talk London website.

If Andrew Gilligan had attended last night’s vigil himself instead of spending his time composing inflammatory attacks, then maybe he would have witnessed a moving, heartfelt plea from ordinary Londoners and would not have shamefully descended into name-calling, labelling  the amazing, dignified protesters “the folk in the skull masks”.
Continue reading Andrew Gilligan Blasts Cycle Vigil and Die-In.

#TfLDieIn picture.

This amazing shot was taken from the top of a block of flats adjacent to the protest.
Wow – would have loved to have seen it from there!

(click on picture to see it full-size; further pictures and videos available at STOP THE KILLING event website)

#StopTheKilling #TfLDieIn
People lie in the intersection in front of the Transport for London headquarters on Blackfriars Road at #TfLDieIn on 29 November 2013. Copyright – Stop Killing Cyclists campaign