2 thoughts on “The National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence”

  1. I tried informing Daily Maill readers in the comments section below their report about yesterday’s tragic accident where a young woman cyclist was possibly fatally injured at Ludgate Circus.

    I was trying to get people to watch the BBC documentary “The War on Britain’s Roads” which is on youtube at the moment, where a lady called Cynthia appears first at 21 minutes into the 59 minute video, telling about how after her daughter was killed by a lorry making a left turn she researched what had happened, consulted with experts and became a shareholder of the lorry company, CEMEX. That lorry company listened to her and made changes to their lorries, mirror positioning to clear the blind spot, and from then on that company had no cyclist fatalities after having one a year.

    The Daily Mail yesterday did not print the post where I came back with the details after re-finding the documentary on youtube, and today although they printed the posts I made today, they deleted Emma’s brilliant post and printed others’ posts twice, which didn’t like cyclists and said the story I was informing them about was rubbish.

    I feel so angry about this issue. So many cyclists have died, even though this brave lady has found a solution, which nobody is listening to, not even Boris Johnson.

  2. Yesterday at 11.30am a young woman cyclist was possibly fatally injured at Ludgate Circus, London. Many cyclists have been killed and injured at that spot. So why hasn’t Boris Johnson insisted that all lorries get mirrors and sensors as described here http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/public/cyclesafety/article3307660.ece

    Alex McVitie died in 2001, this article was 2012. Cyclists shouldn’t still be killed and injured because lorry drivers can’t see them in the blind spot when they do left turns. If one company can solve this problem, why are others allowed to ignore it? Why is the Mayor of London not doing something?

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