The National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence


Yes we can! We did it!

Thank you to all the volunteer grass-roots organisers who made our direct action along Oxford Street and die-in at Marble Arch a success!

Stop Killing Cyclists and Stop The Killing, together with campaigners from across the country, held a symbolic funeral procession along Oxford Street, the nation’s high street on Saturday, 15 November 2014. This direct action was timed to fall on the weekend of the World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims.

It was in keeping with the creative, respectful protests we are becoming known for and drew on the experiences of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, as well as those more widely affected by air pollution and climate crisis caused by vehicle emissions.

Participants were encouraged to bring a white wreath or flowers to lay at Marble Arch, to symbolise peace, reflection and to echo the tradition of placing white “ghost bikes” at the site of incidents where a cyclist has lost their life.




6 thoughts on “The National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence”

  1. Fantastic turnout….. Well done everyone……. What I helped to start 42 years ago must continue for our children & grandchildren & in my case my great- grandaughter….. Keep on with the campaigning, bombard Boris with our demands for a safer environment. 42yrs. ago our demonstration drew attention to the fact that Oxford St. Was the most polluted street in Europe…… Now it is the most polluted street in the world,& yet it is the street that the majority of tourists desire to visit. We owe it to our visitors, as well as Londoners to clean up Oxford St. & remove vehicles that spew out filthy,damaging pollution. I believe it would be possible to replace current allowed vehicles with a circular system of electric powered trams. this would dramatically lower the pollution levels & be much safer for pedestrians. On behalf of all O A Ps

    A big thank you to the organising team.

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