Pyramid of Death

Over the last decade (2003-12) the following “Pyramid of Death” resulted from traffic violence:

  • UK Cyclists Killed: 1,233 (DfT)
  • UK Pedestrians Killed: 5,787 (DfT)
  • UK Motorists Killed: 19,293 (DfT)
  • UK Patients Killed by Transport Pollution: 50,000 (NHS)
  • UK residents killed through physical inactivity due to lack of cycling infrastructure (estimated): 400,000 (Prof. Garfield)
  • Ten Year Total Killings: 476,313

Thus, the number of people whose deaths can be attributed to traffic violence over the last decade is the equivalent of the population of Manchester.

  • Global deaths due to climate crisis (ten years): 4,000,000 (UN)
  • Total UK Cyclists killed seriously injured or injured: 198,000
  • Total UK Pedestrians killed, seriously injured or injured: 298,300
  • Total UK Motorists killed, seriously injured or injured: 1,913,502
  • Total killed, seriously injured or injured on UK Roads over ten years: 2,409,802

This is the equivalent of the entire populations of Birmingham (1.1 million), Glasgow (0.6m), Cardiff (0.3m) and Manchester (0.5m) combined.

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