9: Stop the Killing from Climate Crisis caused by CO2 emissions

All transport fuels to be from truly environmentally-sustainable, renewable sources within 10 years.

While the death toll in future centuries from the climate crisis will be staggering, the WHO believes climate change already kills 150’000 people every year [1a, 1b]. The UN estimates over 5 million people will have died due to climate change by 2020 [2]. Some of the most vulnerable people around the world are being battered by extreme weather and are struggling to grow enough food to survive due to climate change [3].

Road transport CO2 emissions contribute over 15% to the current global total [4]. Our transport system must be de-carbonised & stop contributing to climate change which is destroying communities worldwide. Demand can be met by reducing fuel use & the need for transport, a modal shift to cycling & walking, renewable electricity for electric vehicles, recycled vegetable oil and the remainder by certified renewable fuels.


[1] http://www.who.int/heli/risks/climate/climatechange/en/ also http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs266/en/

[2] http://www.forbes.com/sites/eco-nomics/2010/12/03/5-million-deaths-from-climate-change-pedicted-by-2020/

[3] http://www.oxfam.org.uk/get-involved/campaign-with-us/our-campaigns/food-and-climate

[4] http://www.iea.org/co2highlights/co2highlights.pdf Note: transport total is 22% and they state road transport is estimated to be three quarters of that total.

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