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Press Release - Double Victory for Cycling Safety Campaigners

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Double Victory for Cycling Safety Campaigners

  • Entire Route of New Cycling Superhighway CS5 to be 20 mph Zone.
  • Cycling Commissioner Agrees to Survey all 33 Boroughs’ Cycling Safety Performance Annually

Following negotiations with Stop Killing Cyclists, Transport for London and London’s Cycling Commissioner agreed this month to introduce a 20mph Zone along the entire length of the new Mayoral Cycling Superhighway CS5 from Victoria to New Cross Gate in South London, via the Oval. Currently almost the entire route has a 30mph speed limit.

Co-founder Donnachadh McCarthy said,

“Reducing the speed of traffic from 30 to 20mph reduces deaths and serious injuries by up to 50%. We are delighted that TfL have agreed to our request to make this entire new major cycling route a 20mph zone, making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.”

He added,

“This is an initial modest step towards our goal for a pan-London 20 mph zone and a safer London for all.”

In a second agreement, TfL agreed to carry out an annual survey of the cycling performance of London’s 33 boroughs.

Stop Killing Cyclists have been pressing for such a survey in order to expose boroughs that are making their streets more dangerous for cyclists and those that are taking positive measures to make them safer.

Earlier this month Stop Killing Cyclists released a report which revealed that 24 boroughs had not built a single metre of segregated cycle lanes since the last elections in 2010, and 13 boroughs have never built a single metre of segregated cycle-lane.

Stop Killing Cyclists Co-founder Donnachadh McCarthy said,

“We welcome TfL’s commitment to carry out an annual survey of the Boroughs’ cycling safety performance. It will shine a powerful light of accountability on those town halls whose transport departments are stuck in a lethal 1950s’ motorised time-warp and refuse to protect their residents who cycle. It will reward those who invest in “Go Dutch” standard segregated cycle lanes so that everybody from young kids to pensioners can travel safely.”

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Note to editors:

1. Stop Killing Cyclists is the direct action protest group set up after the recent spate of cyclist killings in London. They arranged the mass Die-In at TfL HQ where 1,500 cyclists lay down in the road in protest at lack of safety investment in London.

2. The London boroughs are responsible for 95% of London’s roads, whereas the London Mayor and TfL control the remaining 5% i.e. the very large arterial routes.

3. Details of each borough’s performance in our recent report are available on our website www.stopkillingcyclists.org or by clicking: WALL OF DEATH - FOI QUESTIONS AND REPLIES.