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Press Release - London Boroughs’ Wall of Death

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The London Boroughs’ Wall of Death!


  • The release of detailed research of the London Boroughs failure to install safe segregated cycle lanes – Wed April 2nd.
  • Protest to mark the estimated the 54 cycling deaths and staggering estimated 19,600 other victims who have died in London due to motorised traffic since the last local elections.

When: Wednesday, April 2nd, 1-2pm

Where: Westminster City Hall, Victoria Street, London

What: Next Wednesday Stop Killing Cyclists will release the shocking report by Will Nickell into the failure by almost all 32 London Boroughs to install a single meter of segregated cycle lanes, over the last four years since the last local borough elections.

To mark the release of this research we are staging a lunchtime protest outside Westminster City Hall, which is one of the worst boroughs for investment in cycling.

The London Boroughs Wall of Death will be unrolled to mark all 54 cycling deaths in the city since the last local elections, plus the estimated 19,000 other deaths associated with London’s traffic-violence.

The London Boroughs control 95% of London’s roads. The Mayor of London controls only 5% - the largest arterial routes.

Among the research results released on Wednesday will be:

  • How many Boroughs have ZERO segregated cycle lanes?
  • How many Boroughs have installed ZERO segregated cycle lanes since the last local elections?
  • How many Boroughs plan to spend ZERO on segregated cycle-lanes in the coming year following the May 2014 elections?
  • How many Boroughs have designated 25% or less of their roads to be safer 20mph zones?
  • What tiny percentage of the London Boroughs total road-network has segregated cycle lanes?
  • Which Boroughs have the most kilometres of segregated cycle lanes installed?
  • Which were the ONLY three boroughs to actually install any segregated cycle lanes over last four years?

The London Boroughs Wall of Death will individually mark all of the 54 cyclists killed since the last elections in the London Boroughs, and it will also mark the following estimated death, injury and fatal-disease toll in the London Boroughs over the 4 years since the last elections:

272 Pedestrians killed (note 1)
2,224 Cyclists seriously injured.
3,749 Pedestrians seriously injured
11,260 Estimated deaths from physical unfitness due to lack of cycle-infrastructure (note 3)
13,400 Estimated deaths from traffic pollution (note 2)
32,600 Pedestrians and cyclists killed or injured (note 4)

Will Nickell – author of the London Boroughs Segregated Cycle Lanes Report for Stop Killing Cyclists said:

“This research for the first time exposes the lethal failure by the vast majority of London’s Boroughs to invest in Go-Dutch standard segregated safe-cycle lanes, for London’s kids and cyclists over the last four years”.

He added:

“Boroughs must urgently follow Amsterdam into the 21st century and invest a minimum of 10% of their transport budget in Dutch standard cycle lanes and include space-for-cycling in all new developments and transport infrastructure.”

Donnachadh McCarthy , Co-organiser Stop Killing Cyclists said,

“Every one of the 54 cyclists killed on London’s roads over the last four years is a tragedy, but it is also important to note the literally thousands of other deaths from the London Borough’s failure to provide a safe unpolluted cycling and walking environment.”

He added,

“Londoners should ask every candidate in May’s local and European elections if they will support 10% of their transport budget to be spent on segregated cycle-lanes”.


Notes to editors:

Wills contact number for media queries only: 07523 094 819

Facebook Event Page: The London Boroughs Wall of Death

Click picture to see full-size version.

Picture: http://stopthekilling.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/The-London-boroughs-Wall-of-Death-cropped.jpg

Website: http://StopKillingCyclists.org

Direct Action protest details: http://StopTheKilling.org.uk/WallOfDeath

1. TfL reported 204 pedestrian killings between 2010-12. We have extrapolated that for the fourth year, giving an estimated total of 272.

2. IOM report 2010 reported over 4,200 extra deaths per year in London from particulate pollution. London Mayor estimates that traffic pollution contributes 80% of London’s particulate pollution.

3. Less than 20% of Londoners now achieve recommended level of physical activity. If you take Denmark and Netherlands as two cycle-friendly countries otherwise similar to the UK, the actives are 70-80%. Assuming, then, that 75% of the population in London were to reach the desired activity level, 2,815 fewer people would die per year, or 11,260 over 4 years (figures from Public Health England)

4. Based on actual reported casualty statistics TfL 2010-12 – extrapolated for final year.

5. Stop Killing Cyclists is the direct action protest group set up after the recent spate of cyclist killings in London. They arranged the mass Die-In at TfL HQ where 1,500 cyclists lay down in the road in protest at lack of safety investment in London.

Press Release - Stop Killing Cyclists Protesters Meet with Transport for London MD and Mayor of London’s Cycling Commissioner

Date:  22nd January 2014

Stop Killing Cyclists Protesters Meet with Leon Daniels (MD of Surface Transport for Transport for London) and Andrew Gilligan (Mayor Boris Johnson’s Cycling Commissioner)

Representatives of the 1,500 cyclists and pedestrians who staged the Mass Die-In at Transport for London’s HQ following the recent spate of 6 cyclist deaths met yesterday with Leon Daniels and Andrew Gilligan.

The attached letter contains the items that the Stop Killing Cyclists Deputation agreed at yesterday’s meeting with TfL.

They included:

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to ask the Mayor about introducing cycling/pedestrian representation on the TfL Board.

* Leon Daniels agreed to include cycling in the Crossrail Report being commissioned into the future of Oxford Street including its pedestrianisation.

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to consider annual survey of the London Borough’s Performance on Cycling.

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to consider process on how to ensure Superhighway routes are not blocked by Borough Planning decisions.

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to consider how TfL could provide expertise/Training to the Boroughs on Go Dutch standards of cycling infrastructure provision.

* Leon Daniels and Andrew Gilligan agreed a follow up meeting with Stop Killing Cyclists in March.

Stop Killing Cyclists Co-founder Donnachadh McCarthy said,

There are some large boulders to be removed from the route to get the safe cycling/walking London that Stop Killing Cyclists wants urgently for London’s children, pensioners and the vulnerable.

But this meeting starts the process of levering them out of the way. With 15,000 Londoner’s killed or seriously injured whilst walking or cycling or travelling on our roads since 2008, London’s transport system is clearly not fit for purpose.

He added,

Stop Killing Cyclists is determined to take on the hugely well-funded motorised lobby in our corridors of power and fight for safety and an end to the killing and maiming on our streets! Holding the 32 London Boroughs to account and providing representation on the Transport for London Board would be two good steps in the right direction.



Notes for editors:

1. Stop Killing Cyclists was founded by grassroots activists following the awful spate of cycling deaths in November 2013.

2. List of Demands presented to Transport for London and Cycling Commissioner is in the briefing paper: click HERE.

3. Follow up letter from Stop Killing Cyclists to TfL: click HERE.