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Co-founder interviewed on London Live TV

London Live interview of Donnachadh McCarthy 2015-07
Donnachadh McCarthy on London Live TV’s ‘Headline Interviews’ programme in July 2015. Click the image to watch the full interview at London Live’s website.

Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists, has appeared on London Live TV as part of their ‘Headline Interview‘ series.

The interview begins with an overview of Donnachadh’s early career in ballet dancing and party politics; then from about 9 minutes in, Donnachadh discusses the impact of poor road infrastructure on the health of people, not only those who choose to cycle today but also people that walk and drive.

Donnachadh said,

Cyclists are probably the smallest number of people who are dying on London streets. There’s around 100 pedestrians being killed every year…there are around 4000 people dying from pollution from our transport, there is around 3000 people dying from inactivity diseases.

He continued,

The campaign for Stop Killing Cyclists is actually to save the lives of 7000 others who are not cyclists. It is to benefit the health of all Londoners because all Londoners are breathing pollution, and there is something like 2/3 of Londoners who are unfit.

The interview is on London Live HERE.

UPDATE 15 July 2015: after the broadcast of the interview, this report came out - London’s air pollution ‘cost 9,400 lives’