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Direct Action Protest along Oxford Street on Saturday 15 November

180x180 Profile Picture redThe direct-action protest called The National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence is taking place along Oxford Street on Saturday, November 15, 2014 from noon.  It ends at Marble Arch with a rally and Die-In.

In the 1970s, a series of Die-Ins under the banner Stop De Kindermoord‘ (stop the child murder) lead the government of The Netherlands to introduce a road infrastructure that caters for people, whether they choose to drive, cycle or walk.

Fred Smith, a co-organiser with the Stop the Killing coalition said:

“The UK’s road network is not fit for purpose. We need to end the culture of acceptance which surrounds traffic-violence and unite road users of all kinds from across the country to create positive human-friendly roads and public-spaces in Britain.”

People will follow a horse-drawn hearse that will be carrying an empty coffin that represents all the unknown victims of traffic violence.
People will follow a horse-drawn hearse that will be carrying an empty coffin that represents all the unknown victims of the UK’s roads.

The march starts at Bedford Square (near the British Museum) and proceeds along Oxford Street, following a horse-drawn hearse with an empty coffin that symbolically represents all the unknown victims who have lost or had their lives destroyed on UK’s roads through:

  • Traffic Crash Violence
  • Death from traffic air-pollution
  • Obesity related deaths through fear of walking or cycling
  • The millions dying worldwide as a result of climate change.

There are 10 Demands being put to local and national governments:

  1. Stop the Killing of Children
  2. Stop the Killing of Pedestrians
  3. Stop the Killing of Pensioners from excessive speed.
  4. Stop the Killing of Cyclists.
  5. Stop the Killing by HGVs. 
  6. Stop the Killing without liability.
  7. Stop the Killing from Lung, Heart and other Diseases caused by vehicular pollutants.
  8. Stop the Killing at Junctions. 
  9. Stop the Killing from CO2 emissions from impacts of the climate crisis.
  10. Focus on Life! Transport governance must make safety and quality of life the top priority.

YouTube: Watch the videos at http://goo.gl/v3KRtz and http://goo.gl/OEG7iM
Twitter: #NationalFuneral and @StopKillingCycl
Facebook: NATIONAL FUNERAL (event listing) and STOP KILLING CYCLISTS (discussion group)

Other Die-Ins arranged by Stop Killing Cyclists took place over the past year at: