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Referral of MET Police to Independent Police Complaints Commission called for by Stop Killing Cyclists

Yesterday, the MET Police issued a correction to a press release they released on the day of the vigil for Michael Mason, who was struck by a person driving a car whilst he was cycling on Regent Street in February 2014.

Nicola Branch from Stop Killing Cyclists says:

Stop Killing Cyclists are horrified to learn of the awful treatment of the family of Mick Mason by the Met Police and we would recommend referral to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

To have been informed by a Press Release that that police would refer the case to the DPP [Director of Public Prosecutions], which although a bizarre and unconventional way of finding out, was a massive lift to the family, and now to have that hope whipped away from them equally through a Press Release, is an absolute disgrace.

The Met need to look very carefully how they deal with the family of a victim. They must be accountable for their actions.

Last Friday, 13 March 2015, Stop Killing Cyclists along with Cyclist’s Defence Fund held a vigil and die-in to remember Michael Mason who was killed in a crash on Regent Street a year earlier.

Earlier on that day, the MET police stated in a press release that they had reacted to the family’s call for the case to be referred to the crown prosecution service. They stated: “The [Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards] DPS supported the Detective Inspector’s original decision, but have referred the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions.”

On budget day, the MET issued a correction to the press and media organisations before notifying the family or their solicitor:

CORRECTION: We have previously stated that the below matter was referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions. This is incorrect. No referral has been made.

Several members of Stop Killing Cyclists have written to their MPs to express their anger at the way the MET Police have handled the situation.

Nic Fripp wrote to his MP and stated in part:

I’m writing about the appalling miscarriage of justice that continues to unfold over the killing, just over a year ago, of Michael Mason.

Can you and your colleagues bring any pressure to bear on the Metropolitain Police to desist from this farrago of incompetence and stupidity? As the old proverb has it, one should never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity, but in this case…

Another member, Andrew Reeves-Hall wrote this to his MP:

It disgusts me how MET police have acted recently in this tragic case, let alone how they failed to act initially. Is there any pressure you can apply to get to bottom of their poorly timed press briefings, shocking behaviour to family (they learned of this through media) and failure to refer the case to CPS?

Reaction by other members can be found on the Stop Killing Cyclists Facebook discussion group HERE.

Statements from other organisations can be found in these articles:

Michael Mason remembered in ride and vigil on Regent Street

Michael Mason, 70, was killed on Regent Street in 2013 when struck by a person driving a car.

On Friday, 13 March 2015, a ride, vigil and Die-In was held in conjunction with the Cyclist’s Defence Fund to remember Michael Mason who was killed in a crash on Regent Street a year earlier.

Mick was hit from behind by a car on 25 February 2014 and died in hospital 19 days later. The ride and vigil remembered not just Mick but also the many other people who have lost their lives on London’s roads and across the UK.

Further information from the inquest can be found in this article by Martin Porter: Inquest into death of Michael Mason

If anyone would like to donate to the Cyclist’s Defence Fund to assist with the case for Mick Mason, please text BIKE 38 and the amount you wish to donate, to 70070

eg “BIKE 38 £20” to 70070

Donations are also accepted online at https://www.justgiving.com/justiceformichael

Thank Yous

Cyclists’ Defense Fund… Tweet:

Thanks to everyone who has already donated to #justice4michael appeal https://www.justgiving.com/justiceformichael #stopkillingcyclists

Nicola Branch…

Thank you to everyone who came along tonight, particularly all the speakers, and especially to Mick’s daughter Anna Tatton Brown - a very powerful and moving speech. Also thank you again to the Met police who stopped the traffic, esp Seargent Paul Findlater who made sure all his officers took their caps off during the 2 minutes silence.
The coup of the night being so very welcome at All Souls Church, where we had great food, listened to wonderful Jazz music and our vigil and die-in and the message to make the roads safer for all, young and old, was incorporated into the sermon.
Thank you.



Cyclists’ Defence Fund

Evening Standard



DrMorocho- Die-In On Regents Street In Memory Of Michael Mason #StopKillingCyclists @StopKillingCycl


Anna Tatton-Brown

Retired teacher Michael Mason, 70, with his daughter Anna Tatton-Brown (photo and caption: Evening Standard)

Listen: Audio recording by ‘veloevol remote’ of Anna Tatton-Brown

Caroline Russell

Extract from We are not equal in the risks we face - speech at the vigil for Mick Mason 13th March

I spent my evening yesterday at the location of another road death, quietly contemplating with others all that is wrong with our streets and the miserable lack of UK road justice.
The police chose not to charge the driver and didn’t consult with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) before making their decision.

The event last night was organised by Stop Killing Cyclists and the Cyclists Defence Fund (CDF). The latter are helping Mick Mason’s family to get answers from the police as to why they didn’t discuss the case with the CPS and are thinking about possibly carrying out a private prosecution of the driver. The CDF has launched a fundraising appeal to ensure there are sufficient funds in the event that a private prosecution is needed.


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Joe Dunckley…
For more of Joe’s photos, please see his website: COTCH DOT NET

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Original Facebook event listing is HERE.
Person on motorcycle confronts protesters.
And thanks to that lady who tried to talk sense to the crazy LTDA chap.