Stop The Killing Pratt Street Action

Monday 10th October - Stop The Killing Pratt Street Action.

Following the death of 79 year old Sheila Karsberg at the Notorious Junction of Pratt Street and Camden High Street, the Stop Killing Cyclists Organising Group have decided to hold an action at this junction on Monday 10th October.

Gathering from 17.30 speeches from 18.30 followed by Die in.

1.Camden Council
2. TfL
3. Sadiq Khan
4. CEMEX / HGV operators

1. Complete ban of poor visibility HGV’s
2. Compulsory change to zero Blind Spots cabs
3. Rush hour restrictions for all HGV’s
4. Camden Council require any company operating in Camden to subscribe to CIRAS
5. CEMEX and their subcontractors to subscribe to CIRAS
6. Camden to change the design of dangerous junctions
7. HGV companies to organise route planning and route safety
8. Camden to install the road safety improvements that are currently out for consultation

We are asking people to bring teddy bears in memory of Sheila who used to carry one.

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