Vigil and Die-In on Bethune Road, Hackney

Campaigners stage a “die-in” at the spot on Bethune Road, Hackney, where Stephanie Turner was killed whilst cycling (Photo: Tom Kearney)

Vigil and Die-In: Bethune Road, Hackney

Stephanie Turner

On Monday, 26th January 2015, approximately 200 people joined the vigil and die-in in memory of Stephanie Turner, 29, at the place where she was struck and killed by a person driving an HGV the previous Tuesday.

Stephanie’s family stated:

She ran marathons and climbed mountains. She was the life and soul of every party and lit up every room she entered. She was hugely admired by so many people for so many different reasons.

To Steph, cycling was much more than a means of commuting. It brought her real excitement and satisfaction and allowed her to feel truly connected to London, the city she had come to love and live for.

Stephanie was mercurial. She was one in a million. She was, as a close friend said, a pea from her very own pod. A huge hole has been left in our lives.

Our deepest condolences go to Steph’s family and friends.

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Thank Yous

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Thank Yous

From Carl Myhill…

I just want to add my thanks about the vigil. To everyone that showed up - it’s the numbers that make a real difference. MPs are a bit tired of electronic petitions but getting out on the street is different, and does get noticed.

Also huge thanks to the organisers yesterday. Some of us had visible roles, like talking. Many others did their thing quietly and competently that made it all happen. People did all kinds of things like organising and delivering a PA, leading flash rides, talking to the police, doing press releases, computer stuff, social media stuff, getting the press there, liaising with other groups, taking photos and video, lighting candles, editing speeches notes, etc.

It’s only possible to pull these things off because people have stepped up to own these tasks and pull them off every time. Thank you all.

From Brendan Delaney…

Thanks everyone. Important, moving and uplifting.

From Gemma Louise Smith…

Thank you so much for whoever organised this vigil…Steph was loved by so many people, her kind hearted soul, fun and vibrant personality will be missed, and she has left a giant hole in my life.

I have had this uncontrollable desire to visit where this tragedy has happened, as I needed to know someone who cared for her had been, but living so far away has not made this possible, however after seeing the pictures and the beautiful turn out by her fellow cyclists, it has helped me find a moment of peace; knowing that Steph has touched and had an impact on so many peoples lives, whether they knew her or not is truly remarkable and all I can do is say thank you for showing you care

From Steven Routley, co-founder Stop Killing Cyclists…

Really wish I could have been there tonight, but this is the first SKC action I’ve had to miss. Looks like you had a good turn out for a powerful, memorable vigil though. Well done to all involved, and top marks to the new leadership team for pulling it off.
Here’s hoping we don’t have to do many more of these.

From Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder Stop Killing Cyclists…

Hey - the world’s highest accessed news website [Daily Mail] has full coverage of tonight’s Stop Killing Cyclists die-in protest, with bang on right quotes from Abby Taubin and Nicola Branch and powerful moving pics from Tom Kearney!

Well done the entire team and new leadership yet again!!

Boris Johnson’s and TfLs cuts to cycle safety budget every year for the last 4 years, whilst increasing the number of press releases about what they were claiming they were spending is a disgrace.
Donnachadh x

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Video Reports and Interviews

YouTube: indefilms333 (@indefilmsdotnet)- CYCLIST FATALITY VIGIL (LONDON) 26/1/2015

YouTube: DrMorocho - Vigil and Die In In Memory Of Stephanie Turner #StopKillingCyclists @MayorofLondon @TfL

YouTube: Velo London - Amhurst Park Die In


Tom Kearney…
“We shouldn’t have to be here today” : Words Spoken at Stop Killing Cyclists’ Vigil & Die-In for A Fallen Cyclist

Carl MyHill…
[quoted from THIS VIDEO by ‘Velo London’]

Thanks for the police for letting us do that [Die-In on road]. Just a final thought about what is next.
We demand urgent action to ensure that no more of us are killed.
If we look at the Dutch cycling infrastructure we can’t forget it wasn’t always like that.

In the 1970s the Dutch rose up and said ‘no’ to cycle deaths. They came out onto the streets and organised die-ins like this. That is how they changed it - and we’ve reached the same point.

By coming out this evening by standing together honouring Stephanie we are saying we have had enough. We don’t accept these deaths and we don’t want any more of them. We don’t want there to be any more vigils; and we will mark each death in this way until we get a change.

Finally, thank you all for coming this evening, thanks for those who have spoken and send our deepest sincere condolences to Stephanie’s family and friends. We have lost a fellow cyclist and we won’t forget that.

Stephanie did not die in vain. Ever more cyclists and pedestrians are coming together, as the Dutch did, to make it clear that we’ve had enough and to drive real change. The Dutch went there and so will we. Thanks for coming.



Brendan Delaney…

Steven King…

Tom Kearney…

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