Vauxhall Die-In

Thursday 19 December 2013
at 7:30am (morning!)


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Vauxhall Bridge (South side), London, United Kingdom (near Pret a Manger)


What is this demonstration about?

Google Streetview of Vauxhall where people cycling along Wandsworth Road are forced to join the main carriageway.

A peaceful, dignified morning rush-hour protest at Vauxhall Bridge (south side) to remember all victims of this treacherous intersection; and to protest the plight of people who choose to cycle and walk, who are being killed and seriously injured at badly designed junctions all over London.

At Vauxhall Cross, a segregated lane ends which forces people riding bicycles to merge into potentially lethal traffic on the Southern approach to Vauxhall Bridge.

At this location police on Operation Safeway have been ticketing people riding bicycles - against ministerial guidelines - for taking the much safer route to Vauxhall Bridge along a very wide stretch of pavement, just to fulfil their Fixed Penalty Notice quota.

We are calling for the extension of the existing cycle-specific infrastructure.

Right across London cyclists are being crushed at left-hand-turns (LHT) yet all the Mayor has done is blame the victims. At this junction a LHT bypass, designed to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe, should have been installed years ago.

If London’s streets were a railway there would be an immediate ban on blind HGVs and there would be emergency crews installing safe cycle by-passes at every dangerous junction. Temporary physical protections would also have been installed along all the Cycle Superhighways!

Dangerous LHTs and HGVs are what are killing people on bicycles Mr Mayor - not headphones!!

This Requiem Protest is demanding immediate action on hundreds of LHTs across London and an immediate ban on blinded HGVs.

The Mayor and the Boroughs have not announced a single extra penny for cycle safety or a single extra junction to be made safer since the recent spate of tragedies.

The Mayor is planning to do only 33 junctions (reduced from original 100 junctions planned) - despite there being literally thousands of dangerous left-hand-turns right across London.

Indeed the Mayor and Boroughs are making many junctions MORE dangerous, with lethally designed developments.

PS This event is being organised by Stop Killing Cyclists. Please join us and build the radical peaceful cycling protest movement in London.

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