The London Boroughs’ Wall of Death

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Wednesday April 2nd 2014
1pm - 2pm.

The London boroughs' Wall of Death (cropped)

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 “If you can bring your bike that would be great as we want to place a pile of them under the Wall of Death Banner.” — Donnachadh


Location Map…

Westminster City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London SW1E


What is this about?

Its purpose will be to highlight the criminally lethal failure by London’s 32 Boroughs to invest in cycling and pedestrian safety over the last 4 years, since the last borough elections.

The next Borough elections are on 22nd May.

The London Boroughs control 95% London’s roads, the rest are controlled by TfL and the London Mayor Boris Johnson.

We will be releasing that morning the truly shocking results of the research carried out by Will Nickell on Stop Killing Cyclists‘ behalf - He has pursued all 32 Boroughs with Freedom of Information requests to get the shocking results, which will be released that morning.

Our aim is to create a central banner portraying the pyramid of death caused by traffic violence in London’s Boroughs, including cyclists, pedestrians and lung and hearrt diseases caused by transport pollution.

The banner will be placed in the middle of a long banner with a mark for each cyclist death since the last elections.

Many thanks
Donnachadh, Will n Steve

Shocking Results

Next Wednesday Stop Killing Cyclists will reveal the shocking results of the research into the 32 London Boroughs’ failure to act on segregated cycle lanes over the last 4 years, since the last local borough elections.

The London Boroughs control 95% of London’s roads. The Mayor of London controls only 5% - the largest arterial routes.

Among the research results revealed will be:

  • How many Borough’s have ZERO segregated cycle lanes at all?
  • How many Borough’s have installed ZERO segregated cycle lanes since the last local elections?
  • How many Borough’s plan to spend ZERO on segregated cycle-lanes in the year after the May 2014 elections?
  • How many Boroughs have designated 25% of less of their roads to be safer 20mph zones?
  • What tiny percentage of the London Borough’s overall road-network has segregated cycle lanes?
  • Which Boroughs have the most kilometers of segregated cycle lanes installed?
  • Which were the ONLY 3 boroughs to install any segregated cycle lanes over last four years?

54 Killed

To mark the launch of this research by Will Nickell for ‘Stop Killing Cyclists‘ we will be unveiling a London Borough’s Wall of Death Banner outside one of London’s worst cycling Boroughs - Westminster City Council.

The Wall of Death will mark individually all of the 54 cyclists killed since the last elections in the London Boroughs.

It will also mark the following estimated death, injury and disease toll in London Boroughs over the 4 years since the last elections:

  • 272 Pedestrians killed
  • 2,224 Cyclists seriously injured.
  • 3,749 Pedestrians seriously injured
  • 8,000 Estimated deaths from traffic pollution
  • 11,260 Estimated deaths from physical unfitness due to lack of cycle infrastructure
  • 32,600 Pedestrians and cyclists killed or injured

(We need about 20 people to hold the banner and as many bikes as possible to lay at its feet)

Please come or share.

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