London Bus Watch

#London BusWatch: A Direct Action Protest to Improve TfL’s Bus Safety Reporting & Create Some Management Accountability

Recently, Leon Daniels, the Managing Director of Surface Transport, Transport for London, rejected a proposal for TfL to put a clickable tab on its Website that would guide users to a page where they could:

- upload video footage or a provide a link showing video footage of a TfL Bus driving dangerously or without duty of care for fellow road users (e.g., cyclists, third party drivers, or pedestrians);

- file critical information about the video including:
(a) allegation supported by film
(b) time, date, and location of filmed incident
(c) registration and name of TfL Bus subcontractor
(d) contact details of video receive email confirmation of their video evidence submission with a case number

TfL’s insistence that video evidence of a TfL Bus driving dangerously be funnelled through TfL’s Customer Experience interface suggests, once again, that TfL management has no interest in mitigating the danger posed by the bus service it contracts and—supposedly—regulates.

Instead of waiting around for TfL to do nothing, with the support of Stop Killing Cyclists, I am organising a Direct Protest Action called #LondonBusWatch.

Anyone with video footage of a TfL bus ‘behaving badly’ should upload it on You Tube and email the link and a brief report directly Leon Daniels ([email protected]) with a copy to me ([email protected]) and Stop Killing Cyclists ([email protected])

Don’t just post your evidence to You Tube. Send it directly to Leon Daniels and let me and Stop Killing Cyclists know!

After you’ve sent the email to Leon Daniels, please tweet the link with the hashtag #LondonBusWatch and cc @comadad & @stopkillingcycl

With 1.5 KSIs per day being created from collisions involving TfL Buses, it’s time we showed TfL Management how its buses are really behaving on London’s roads. And, with #LondonBusWatch, we can tell TfL Management it’s time to make Bus Safety a priority.

Death or Serious Injury should not be part of the TfL “Customer Experience” don’t ya think?

Tom Kearney


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INTERACTIVE BUS & COACH RTC MAP (1 Jan 2012-31 Oct 2015)

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Usually Fire. - Posted 29 Jan 2016

2016 REPORTS TO LEON DANIELS, MD, TfL Surface Transport

#LondonBusWatch Report to Leon Danels, MD Surface Transport: TfL Abellio No. 3 Bus Endangers Cyclist and Child Passenger - 28 January 2016

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Bus Drivers get access to Confidential Safety Reporting Scheme - CIRAS - ANOTHER VICTORY for #LondonBusWatch!

London bus drivers can now report complaints without fear of being sacked for whistleblowing - Evening Standard 4 January 2016

‘The Opposite of safety is not danger, it’s indifference’ - A Christmas Eve Message for TfL’s Leon Daniels

‘Bus Safety is our Priority’: Unite’s Constructive Response to Bus Driver X’s Query about CIRAS

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CIRAS for TfL Buses Represents a Golden Opportunity to Improve Operational Safety Management and Reporting

Update on CIRAS for TfL’s Bus Operations: Guest Blog by Paul Russell, Head of CIRAS
RE: TfL’s Recent Press Release about Bus Safety Data: Guest Blog by A Transport Specialist
Rewriting Today’s Press Release about TfL’s Latest Bus Safety Statistics

#LondonBusWatch: The Lessons We’ve Learned So Far (Six Month Report)

A VICTORY for #LondonBusWatch!

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#LondonBusWatch Video Submissions

Abellio 381 TfL Bus - Unsafe Turn - posted 7 August 2016 by @barbyonabike

Metroline 263 TfL Bus - Unsafe Overtake - posted 3 August 2016 by Sue Perbs

Metroline 24 TfL Bus - Unsafe Parking on CSH - posted 1 August 2016 by Bloody Cyclists

Metroline 24 TfL Bus - Driver Texting Behind Wheel - posted 28 July 2016 by @barbyonabike

Arriva 176 TfL Bus - Near Miss - posted 25 July  @barbyonabike

Go Ahead TfL Bus 453 - Aggression - posted 4 July 2016 by #TrafficDroid

Go Ahead TfL Bus 12 - Close Pass & Aggression - posted 3 July 2016 by #TrafficDroid

Arriva TfL 242 Bus, Ludgate Circus, Red Light Jump - posted 2 July 2016 by @1woman2wheels 

#LondonBusWatch - ITV News 25 May 2016

TfL Go-Ahead 21 Left Hook - posted 15 May 2016 by barbyonabike

Abellio Bus drives at cyclist while driving in wrong lane - posted 12 May 2016 by CycleGaz

Punishment Pass by TfL Arriva Route 141 Bus Driver - posted 2 May 2016 by Dr Morocho

Dangerous Stagecoach TfL Route 47 Bus Driver - posted 2 May 2016 by Dr Morocho

RLJ - TfL Bus - posted 28 April 2016 by @sw19cam


Red Wing Coaches - Dangerous Turn - posted 21 April 2016 by @sw19cam

2 x Tower Transit 31 Buses - RLJ - posted 16 April 2016 by cycleoptic

RATP 131 TfL Bus - Left Hook - posted 16 March 2016 by bigblokeonabike

Abellio 415 TfL Bus passing way to close through Elephant & Castle - posted 10 March 2016 by bigblokeonabike

Arriva Bus Driver goes beserk when idiot car prevents him from jumping red light - posted 10 March 2016 by ClockwiseCycling

Appalling Overtake - Go-Ahead TfL P12 Bus - posted 2 March 2016 by barbyonabike

Out of Service Tower Transit Bus Jumps Red Light at Bow - posted 28 February 2016 by #TrafficDroid

Cut Off And Nearly Doored - 159 #Abellio London LTZ1713 - posted 27 February 2016 by @DrMoroch0

Dangerous Pass - GoAhead 453 TfL Bus - posted 27 February 2016 by barbyonabike


Tailgating & Horn Harassing - 133 Arriva London Bus- posted 11 Feb 2016 by Dr. Morocho

Arriva 78 Bus - Near Miss On The Wrong Side Of The Road- posted 8 Feb 2016 by Barbyonabike

Go-Ahead Bus almost takes out Cyclist posted 2 Feb 2016 by CycleGaz

Lots of RLJ TfL Buses in this Video - Posted 31 Jan 2016 by #TrafficDroid


Arriva 73 Bus - Dangerous Pass - Posted 25 Jan 2016 by #TrafficDroid

Arriva 176 Bus Driver Browsing Mobile Phone while Driving - posted 20 Jan 2016 by Evo Lucas

Go-Ahead Bus Dangerous Pass - posted 20 Jan 2016 by Clockwise Cycling

Arriva 133 TfL Bus Driver spotted reading a newspaper behind the wheel - posted 15 Jan 2016 by @ClockwiseCycling

ComfortDelGro Metroline 207 Driver needs some Training - posted 14 Jan 2016 by @cycleoptic

Leon Daniels speaking on Drivetime with Eddie Nestor - BBC London Radio - 6 January 2016

Go-Ahead Group Bus jumps red light - posted 5 January 2016 by 4ChordsNo Net

Go-Ahead Group Bus jumps red light and nearly kills cyclist - posted 21 December by Cameron Primrose

Metroline (ComfortDelGro) Bus being used as a weapon - posted 15 December by Silvio Diego

Abellio TfL Route 159 Bus being used as a weapon - posted 14 December by The Mitsky

Go Ahead 36 Bus - Driving not Looking - posted 9 December by barbyonabike

London United (RATP) Buses Service Car Box Blocker - posted 7 December by Cyclist Mark Walker

 Redwing Coaches Redlight Runner- posted 6 December by Veloevol

Professional TfL Go Ahead London Tailgeter - posted 5 December by Veloevol

  1. Close Pass by Go-Ahead Bus - posted 11 November by Chad Bikes London

  2. RLJ by Metroline Bus - posted 26 October by Cycleoptic
  3. Operation Safeway Officer ignores TfL Bus RLJ & Dangerous Behaviour toward Cyclist - posted 22 October by Silvio Diego

  4. Big Bad Brutes Tyre to Tarmac Rule - posted 18 October by #TrafficDroid

  5. Go-Ahead Route 14 Bus Dangerous Pass w Cyclist - posted 8 October by Robert Cambridge
  6. Metroline Route 134 Bus jumps red light - posted 27 September 2015 by Cycleoptic
  7.  Go-Ahead Group Route 87 blatantly jumps red light - posted 9 September 2015 by Traffic Droid“Isn’t there a cycle lane there?” - Arriva [Out of Service] Route 50 ignores Cycle Lane - posted 29 August 2015 by themitsky

9. Go-Ahead Bus - Route 14 - Aggression toward Cyclist posted 3 September 2015 by Robert Cambridge

10. Stagecoach Bus 198 - Jumps Red Light on Oxford Street - posted 3 September 2015 by Traffic Droid

11. City Circle Bus jumps red light - posted 30 Aug 2015 by Traffic Droid

12.  TfL (RATP) Route 10 Bus jumps red light - posted 12 Aug 2015 by Traffic Droid

13. Golden Tours Bus Runs Red Light – posted 29 July 2015 by Caspar Hughes

14. Go-Ahead Not in Service Bus (Plate SN60 BZX) – Close Pass – Posted  3 July 2015 by ecyclist

15. Go-Ahead Route 430 Bus – #LeftHook – Posted 2 July 2015 by LondonBikerGoPro

16. Tower Transit Number 28 - lk04hzw bus ignoring someone walking across a zebra crossing – posted 25 June by Ethno Cyclist

17. Route 88 Go-Ahead Bus Runs a Red Light – 2230 19 July 2015 – Posted 22 July 2015 by Ethno Cyclist

18. BV10 WVF bus 259 to King’s Cross - CLOSE PASS (Go Ahead London) - submitted 17 June 2015 by Kaztakephoto

19. Metroline 207 TfL Bus Close Pass – Posted June 11 by bultone

20.  Abellio Route 109 TfL Bus – Close Pass in Streatham – posted 30 May 2015 by Sir Nazir

21. Pedestrians Lift Tower Transit TfL Bus Off Cyclist in Walthamstow – posted 29 May 2015 by @Veloevol

22.  Go-Ahead TfL Bus (YX61 BWV) overtakes and begins to pull in on cyclist – posted 29 May 2015 by @sw19cam 

23.  LX54HAA - Go Ahead London - Close Pass posted 19 May 2015 by Cycle Gaz

24. Dangerous Behaviour by Bus 24 Metroline Driver  reported by Traffic Droid — 16 May

25. Arriva Bus 176 can’t wait to pull out – posted 13 May 2014 by livinginwestminster

26. @Arriva_London Bus Driver Texting LTZ1180 reported by @Veloevol —30 April

27. “Dangerous Pass by Metroline Bus” reported by @cycleoptic – 30 April

28. “Dangerous Pass by Abellio Bus” reported by bazk – 13 April

29. Go Ahead Bus approaches oncoming Cyclist at Speed posted 12 April 2015 by ecyclist

30. “RATP endangers Cyclist on Regent Street” reported by Traffic Droid  – 11 April

31. TfL Bus nearly runs over pedestrian in Zebra Crossing posted by @squidlizard 10 April 2015

32. “Dangerous Pass by Stagecoach Bus” reported by Chris Lemin – 8 April

33. “Stagecoach Bus goes through Red Light at danger” reported by by Jude87 on Road Cc – 8 April

34. “Dangerous Pass by a Go-Ahead Bus” - reported Traffic Droid - Oxford Street – 5 April

35. “Arriva Bus Driver shining Laser Pen on Road” reported by @CycleGaz – 26 March

36. “Arriva Bus Driver playing Sudoku at Junction” reported by @JonnySmash – 17 March

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Bus Driver S

#LondonBusWatch - Guest Blog By Bus Driver S: Something has to Give…and that ‘Something’ is Safety.  

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Introducing Guest Blogger “Bus Driver X”

Bus Driver X - Guest Blog No. 1: “A Theory Why”

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Guest Blog from Bus Driver Y: How To Become a Bus Driver

Bus Driver Z

Guest Blog from Bus Driver Z: Engineering Failure

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Hit & Run by a TfL Bus leaves woman Seriously Injured - Evening Standard - Evening Standard - 27 Feb 2016

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TfL’s new bus safety plans are ‘victory for survivors’ says man hit by bus - BBC 1 Feb 2016

Woman in critical condition airlifted to hospital after bus crash - ITV News - 17 January 2016

London Road Enfield crash: ‘Several taken to hospital’ after bus and Smart car crash - Evening Standard - 16 January 2016

Thirteen people are injured after THREE double-decker buses crash in London’s Parliament Square - Daily Mail - 11 January 2016

North Greenwich fatal bus crash - why was 10mph bus speed limit lifted?

A woman in her 40s has died after being hit by bus in John Harrison Way, Greenwich - News Shopper -  4 January 2016 - 1st Collision Fatal in 2016

Man fighting for his life after being hit by bus in Stoke Newington - Evening Standard - 30 December 2015

Road rage bus driver ‘destroyed cyclist’s bike after overtaking him too fast’ - Evening Standard - 15 December 2015

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Graduate radiographer, 22, crushed to death under London bus when driver lowered suspension - The Telegraph - 8 December 2015

Three in hospital after out-of-control bus smashes through front gardens in south London - Evening Standard - 8 December 2015

Finchley Central bus crash: Man, 90, dies after ‘wind blows him into path of bus’ outside Tube station - Evening Standard - 5 December 2015

Man still fighting for life after being hit by 172 bus in Old Kent Road - Southwark News - 9 November 2015

Peckham crash: Woman in 80s seriously injured after being hit by double-decker bus - 30 October

Mayor’s Question Time Question 2015/3231 TfL obligation to report lawbreaking by bus drivers - Darren Johnson - 21 October 2015 - “TfL does not have an obligation to pass on any reports of illegal bus driver behaviour”

One death every three weeks involving London buses, new figures show - The Evening Standard - 15 October 2015

Woman run over by Alexandria DASH bus is awarded $4.5 million by jury - US Story but an interesting legal case

Route 376 Go-Ahead Bus takes a Car and Pedestrian - posted 26 Sep 2015 [Caution - This Video Contains Disturbing Footage of a Bus Collision]

Daily Mail Story about 376 Bus Collision (above) - 26 Sep 2015

Pedestrian Fights for Life after Struck by a Bus at Forest Gate - 25 Sep 2015 - The Evening Standard

38 year old Victim of 25 August Bus Crash involving TfL Metroline Route 134 Bus was well-known singer Orlando Carbungco.

MQT 2015/2081 from Darren Johnson - 15 July 2015

Q: What is the Cost of  TfL Bus 254 Collisions [in Q1 that caused Death or resulted in Hospitalisations]?

A: “TfL does not conduct financial analysis of bus collisions”

Man, 38, dies following bus crash in north London - 2 Sept - The Evening Standard

Morden bus crash: Man in hospital after being hit by double-decker outside south London Tube station - 30 August - The Evening Standard

Graduate, 22, killed by bus the day after landing ‘dream job’ as a radiotherapist - 28 August - The Evening Standard

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Pedestrian fighting for life after bus crash in north London - 25 August - The Evening Standard

Londoners rush to the aid of man crushed under double-decker bus in Farringdon - 20 August - The Evening Standard

Pensioner dies after falling and hitting head on bus - 19 August - Go West London

Revealed: The ‘most dangerous’ bus routes in London – 17 August 2015 – The Evening Standard

TfL publishes latest bus safety statistics – post 14 August 2015 by Transport for London

Four injured after roof is ripped off London tour bus – 3 August 2015 – BBC News

Confidential safety reporting scheme set to be extended to bus network – posted 31 July 2015 by Transport for London

Kensington bus crash: Six injured after double-decker and Waitrose truck collide – 31 July 2015

London bus crash: seven injured after roof ripped off double-decker – 19 July 2015

Q2 2015 TfL Bus KSI Data from TfL Website:

Stratford crash: Young man seriously injured after being hit by bus in east London – 22 July Evening Standard

London bus crash: seven injured after roof ripped off double-decker – 19 July The Guardian

Flat batteries on ‘Boris bus’ add fuel to criticism of London mayor – The Guardian – 19 July 2015

Campaigners claim victory as confidential whistleblowing scheme is expanded to London’s bus network- posted 17 July 2015 by London Mayor Watch

Walthamstow unicyclist trapped under bus tells of miracle survival after crowd lifts double decker – Posted 6 July 2015 by Ross Lydall

Mayor of London Rejects Darren Johnson AM’s MQT for TfL to Set Up London Bus Watch Facility to Aid Reporting of Dangerous Bus Driving – MQT 2015/1513 – 21 May 2015

Mayor of London Rejects Valerie Shawcross AM’s MQT for TfL to commit to improve the size and capability of the outside mirrors on buses - MQT2015/1053 – 25 March 2015

London Golden Tours bus driver ‘throttles woman in the street after she filmed her running a red light - Daily Mail – 19 June 2015

All aboard the blunderbus: There were more than 100 bus collision in March in Lewisham - New Shopper - 15 June 2015

BBCLondon 94.9 Breakfast Show with Penny & Paul - Tom Kearney 11 June 15

Commercial Vehicle Engineer takes the lead on reporting about TfL Bus Safety Issues – 16 June 2015

Oxford Street has 3 of the UK’s Most Dangerous Crossings – Over 300 TfL Buses per Hour – Report by ITV London News (10 June 2015)

Why? Words Spoken at #StopKillingCyclists Vigil & Die-In for Fallen Cyclist Esther Hartsilver 8 June 2015

Bikes, buses, lorries oh my – posted 31 May on the Rock Star Dinosaur Pirate Princess Blog

Time to tear down the “Berlin wall” obscuring the safety records of London buses? - Points of View – Commercial Vehicle Engineer – April 2015

Q1 2015 TfL Bus KSI Data from TfL Website:

Recent FOIA Data Release: Road Collisions involving TfL Buses for 2007/8 to 2014/15 YTD - Since 2007, average of 1 TfL Bus vs. Bicycle Collision & 2 TfL Bus vs. Pedestrian Collisions PER DAY.

A Grim Video reminds us why TfL should not be passing cyclists closely and at speed – posted 23 May by DrMorocho

Videos: Instructor tells trainee London bus driver to leave 1 inch passing space for every 1mph of speed – posted 18 May by

FOI request finds 1 in 10 complaints against London bus drivers involve cyclist – posted 8 April by

Cyclists Exchange places with Arriva London bus driver: Arriva London admits that its TfL Bus Drivers cannot see Cyclists out of nearside mirrors or doors.

Bus Safety – Prosecution Wednesday, 25 March 2015 – Question 2015/1051 from Val Shawcross AM – TfL Bus Drivers are rarely prosecuted for fatalities

Blog Posts

  1. ‘What a Tangled Web they Weave when The Mayor and TfL First Practice to Deceive’: CIRAS for Coaches and TfL Contracted HGVs - 17 February 2016
  2. #AskLTW Who’s Watching London TravelWatch? - 19 October 2015
  3. Two Weeks in August: TfL’s Report Bus Collision Average is much worse that You’ll see in the Papers - 31 August 2015

4.  Imitation is the Sincerest form of Flattery: A Letter to Leon Daniels, MD, Surface Transport, Transport for London - 22 August 2015

5. Are you being kept in the dark on operational safety? - Commercial Vehicle Engineer reports about CIRAS for TfL Buses- 16 August 2015

6. Mitigating safety risk through confidential reporting: A Guest Blog by Chris Langer, CIRAS (Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System) - 7 August 2015

7. Road Danger in London: The Fish Rots from the Head – 28 July 2015

8.  A Small Victory on the Long Road to a Safer London Bus Service: CIRAS for TfL Bus Drivers Starts 1 January 2016 #LondonBusWatch

6 thoughts on “London Bus Watch”

  1. I am a concerned London bus driver and I am shocked and horrified at some of the incidents that have been highlighted.

    I would just like to mention the amount of pressure that bus drivers are under to keep to their headway (timetable) via the bus communication system (2 way radio) which is called i bus where a controller is in touch with each individual bus driver.

    There is also a system on some busses called “Green road”. The system monitors things like excessive breaking, accelerating, cornering, lane changing etc. There are three lights strategically placed on the dashboard, green, yellow and red. The idea is to stay in the green.

    I have, on more than one occasion, tried to highlight concerns to management regarding the over zealous controllers who sometimes put pressure on drivers whilst drivers have to take care regarding the Green Road system.

    I constantly feel frustrated and pressurised from i bus and green road, not to mention the everyday normal pressure of driving a large vehicle on busy roads. What with the long hours that we work it doesn’t surprise me that something has to give. Having said that, safety must be the most important issue and I fully support any initiative to improve transport safety.

    1. Hi David - I apologise for the delayed response - the comments weren’t being forwarded to me so I didn’t even know they were there. Please feel free to contact me on email at [email protected]. With Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System being extended to TfL Bus Operations in January 2016, you will be able to report your safety concerns to an independent authority who is capable of investigating and reporting these concerns to your management on an entirely confidential basis.

  2. Only a some of the TfL contracted operators use GreenRoad, but I’m aware that Stagecoach went live in London in March 2014, having tested the system in Cumbria, where the mileage between damage incidents was doubled (ie number of crashes halved). First (now the Australian-owned Tower Transit) also adopted Green Road. Stagecoach results suggest that most of their drivers and depots are maintaining scores in the green range consistently.

    The Conduct Regulations for Bus Drivers…&c were updated in July 2015 and provide some interesting detail on what a bus driver must and must not do when driving a bus. Going right back to the first versions of the Conduct Regulations in 1930’s the principal has held firmly that when driving a bus the driver must not undertake any other activity without good reason (ie the 1990 version made it illegal for bus drivers to use mobile phones long before this was generally applied to all drivers, and mobile phones were widely used). There will be some debate you can be certain, on the way these regulations are interpreted/applied concerning driver distractions, such as using a microphone, speaking to any other person without good cause, and reading screens other than the 3 specific uses permitted, and sending messages when driving.

    This also gives a clause (in addition to that of Section 170 - where the presence of a vehicle has caused damage or injury to a third party/property) where the driver of a bus must give details to any person reasonably requiring them (Conduct Regs Section 5.2). This may often be delivered by the driver handing over a ‘Section 170/Bump Card’ which provides all the details required (driver number, operator registered address, vehicle number), this can avoid an ugly confrontation at the roadside.

    As bus driver no longer have to wear a badge clearly displaying their PSV licence number, you have to actually ask them for it (perhaps that detail needs to be restored?) However by law all buses MUST have the details of the operator in 1″ block lettering on the left side of the bus, so that you can note the details from the roadside - so you can take a picture of that, and the blue (or occasionally green) disc which should be displayed in the windscreen, if any incident occurs. This provides detail both for TfL contracted bus services and all other commuter and long distance coaches* operating in London.

    *Note that both National Express and Megabus actually own very few of the coaches you see in their livery, most operate like London Buses, using contractors to operate each route.

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