Stop The Killing

~ Programme for Peaceful Protest on 29 November 2013 ~


5.00-5.30pm // VIGIL

The event begins with a Vigil outside main entrance to the TfL Palestra Building on Blackfriars Road.

Please allow gap for TfL staff to leave or join the vigil themselves.

Please bring candles/night-lights to place in front of the building in memory of all the pedestrians and cyclists who have died in London.

This will be accompanied by cellist Emma Butterworth. We would be grateful if during this period people kept respectfully quiet.

5.30-5.45pm // MASS CYCLE DIE-IN

Please then lie down on Blackfriars Road and lay your bikes down flat beside you if you have one. Please light your red bike-lamps.

We ask that people remain respectfully totally silent during this 15 minutes and have turned off your mobile phones.

The names of the dead pedestrians and cyclists killed on TfL and London Borough roads over the last year will be read out during the Mass Die-In.

5.45 - 6.30PM // POST DIE-IN RALLY

Imogen Palmer will open the rally with a East European Lament.
Steve Routley - Co-Organiser Mass Cycle Die-In/cyclist.
Nazan Fennell - Campaigner / Mother of 13 year old cycling daughter killed by Lorry
Brenton Smith - South London Community Cycling Organiser - will read poems about cycling deaths by Seamas Heaney and Ellen Soffrey
Tom Kearney - Oxford Street Safety Campaigner, pedestrian TfL Bus crash coma survivor.
Donnachadh McCarthy, Environmental Campaigner/Co-organiser Mass Cycle Die-In

The Rally will finish with an ode to freedom by opera singer Louisa Beard. The song is: Lascia ch’io pianga - Almirena (Rinaldo by G.F. Handel). She will be accompanied by Emma on the Cello.

The Managing Director of Transport for London Leon Daniels has agreed to accept the handing over of our demands in a hand-delivered letter at the end of the rally at the entrance to the Palestra Building.


The police have asked us to disperse quickly at the end of the rally, so that they can re-open the roads that they are so kindly closing, so that the Mass Cycle Die-In can take place safely.

Please enjoy your cycle home safely afterwards or if you are one of those who regularly join the Monthly Critical Mass which leaves that evening from Waterloo Bridge at 7pm please have a fun, safe and peaceful Mass.

Donnachadh + Steve x


The event was well attended…see article and videos from the event HERE. Now London has it’s own “Die In” picture…

Over a thousand people “die in” Blackfriars Road in front of the Transport for London headquarters on 29 November 2013. Picture by Rory Jackson, converted to black & white.

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