STOP THE KILLING - create a road network that is fit for purpose.

Stop the Killing was formed ahead of our protest in November 2014, the National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence. Our campaign focuses on 10 Demands to reform our broken road network and save lives.

The UK’s road network is not fit for purpose. People who choose to walk or to cycle are not catered for in a safe way - all too often the design of the road network puts them in conflict with people who are driving cars, buses and lorries.

Let’s together demand that local and national governments, and road designers, create a network fit for purpose for everyone, regardless of which way they travel on it: in a car, on a bicycle, in a mobility scooter, in a lorry, in a wheelchair, or in an HGV. Read our 10 DEMANDS for stopping traffic violence.


Many of the people campaigning for safer roads choose to use a bicycle to get around on & campaigners for improved cycling facilities share many of the same concerns as people who choose to walk  - to get involved in the discussion please join our Facebook group STOP KILLING CYCLISTS. You can also follow @StopKillingCycl on Twitter.

You can read about our previous activities under ‘DIRECT ACTIONS‘ and on the Stop Killing Cyclists blog. You can also keep up to date with our twitter account.


You can download Traffic Stop posters HERE.



You can get in touch by sending an email to [email protected], leaving a comment below, tweeting us, or by (best option) posting a message on the Facebook group.

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  1. Although this ‘protest’ has gathered deserving media support. I believe it as equally important not to ignore the groundswell of support from London commuters. I’m hopeful for a popular movement to improve London’s cycling conditions as too many fringe movements have made some noise then faded away.

  2. We see it time and time again. Road works, construction sites and temporary venues such as in Hyde Park are a nightmare for cycles with high lorry traffic and little or no though given to the additional vulnerability these creates for cyclists. There is even code of practice - but Hyde Park just ignored this. Additional safety precautions need to put in place - but when you approach operators or Transport for London you are met with arrogance or indifference in their replies.

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