Press Release - Stop Killing Cyclists Protesters Meet with Transport for London MD and Mayor of London’s Cycling Commissioner

SkC Press Release

Date:  22nd January 2014

Stop Killing Cyclists Protesters Meet with Leon Daniels (MD of Surface Transport for Transport for London) and Andrew Gilligan (Mayor Boris Johnson’s Cycling Commissioner)

Representatives of the 1,500 cyclists and pedestrians who staged the Mass Die-In at Transport for London’s HQ following the recent spate of 6 cyclist deaths met yesterday with Leon Daniels and Andrew Gilligan.

The attached letter contains the items that the Stop Killing Cyclists Deputation agreed at yesterday’s meeting with TfL.

They included:

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to ask the Mayor about introducing cycling/pedestrian representation on the TfL Board.

* Leon Daniels agreed to include cycling in the Crossrail Report being commissioned into the future of Oxford Street including its pedestrianisation.

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to consider annual survey of the London Borough’s Performance on Cycling.

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to consider process on how to ensure Superhighway routes are not blocked by Borough Planning decisions.

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to consider how TfL could provide expertise/Training to the Boroughs on Go Dutch standards of cycling infrastructure provision.

* Leon Daniels and Andrew Gilligan agreed a follow up meeting with Stop Killing Cyclists in March.

Stop Killing Cyclists Co-founder Donnachadh McCarthy said,

There are some large boulders to be removed from the route to get the safe cycling/walking London that Stop Killing Cyclists wants urgently for London’s children, pensioners and the vulnerable.

But this meeting starts the process of levering them out of the way. With 15,000 Londoner’s killed or seriously injured whilst walking or cycling or travelling on our roads since 2008, London’s transport system is clearly not fit for purpose.

He added,

Stop Killing Cyclists is determined to take on the hugely well-funded motorised lobby in our corridors of power and fight for safety and an end to the killing and maiming on our streets! Holding the 32 London Boroughs to account and providing representation on the Transport for London Board would be two good steps in the right direction.



Notes for editors:

1. Stop Killing Cyclists was founded by grassroots activists following the awful spate of cycling deaths in November 2013.

2. List of Demands presented to Transport for London and Cycling Commissioner is in the briefing paper: click HERE.

3. Follow up letter from Stop Killing Cyclists to TfL: click HERE.

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