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Press Release: Call to Create Central London Network of Legal Pedicab Stands. To Save Londoner’s Lives We Need Promotion NOT Persecution for London’s Pedicabs


Press Release

Date: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Press contact: Donnachadh McCarthy 07947 884299

Call to Create Central London Network of Legal Pedicab Stands. To Save Londoner’s Lives We Need Promotion NOT Persecution for London’s Pedicabs

Stop Killing Cyclists are today calling on the Mayor of London and all the Mayoral candidates to create a central London network of zero-emission Pedicab stands. In response to recently announced proposals from the Mayor of London, supported by the London Taxi Drivers Association, to crack down on London’s small Pedicab services, Stop Killing Cyclists members have unanimously endorsed a call for the Mayor to stop this unjustified persecution of London’s Pedicabs and to instead promote these zero-emission cabs. Stop Killing Cyclists cofounder Donnachadh McCarthy said: “With 9,500 Londoners killed last year by fossil-fuel transport pollution and with up to 2,000 of these deaths caused by diesel-powered cabs, the Mayor should be supporting these pedicabs whose zero emissions are saving Londoners lives in central London.

He added “We also note that unlike buses, HGVs and cabs, there has not been a single fatality from a pedicab in London over the last fifteen years.”


Editor’s notes: 1. There are only about 650 pedicabs operating in London, down from about 1,000 in 2010 due to constant harassment by the Mayor and Metropolitan Police.

  1. In contrast, there has been an uncontrolled explosion in the number of London’s vehicular taxis to over 100,000, with more than one in ten vehicles now entering the congestion charge zone being polluting taxis. This is largely due to the unregulated arrival of Uber.
  2. By being zero emissions pedicabs are actually saving lives when used as an alternative by customers to fossil-fuel powered cabs.
  3. Stop Killing Cyclists support light-touch low-cost pedicab regulation to ensure numbered vehicles can easily be identified, so that any customer grievances can be easily tackled.
  4. Stop Killing Cyclists call for the creation of legal pedicab stands across central London and at train stations.
  5. Finally, we want the Mayor to draw up an official London Pedicab Support Policy in conjunction with representatives of the Pedicab cyclists.
  6. The industry in London is represented by the London Pedicab Operators Association (LPOA).


  1. Whilst police surveys show over 30% of trucks in London are being driven in an illegal manner and almost every cyclist killing has been by a truck, the Metropolitan Police have targeted their efforts on the positive pedicabs, with the LPOA reporting a truly shockingly discriminatory 350 arrests in 2013/14 for stopping by the pavement and other minor-misdemeanours, which only black-cabs are allowed to do. That is a rate equivalent of nearly 50% of all pedicab drivers. Not a single arrest resulted in a successful prosecution, thus resulting in a terrible waste of public resources cracking down on the life-savers.

ITV4 Cycle Show interviews co-founder

Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists, was interviewed on ITV's The Cycle Show.
Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists, was interviewed on ITV’s The Cycle Show.

The popular ITV4 ‘Cycle Show’ included a segment on cycling safety in their programme that went out this week, on Thursday 16 July 2015.

The segment started with an introduction to issues faced by people who have chosen to cycle, including HGV dangers. That was followed by an interview in the studio between the host and Dr.Rachel Aldred, a senior lecturer in transport at Westminster University, and Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists.

Donnachadh stated,

Cyclists are just [like] the canary in the mineshaft: around 12 to 16 cyclists get killed a year in London, which is terrible, but 100 pedestrians and what is really shocking is that around 3500 die from inactivity diseases because they are afraid of cycling. So we see ourselves as a campaign to stop killing everybody.

He continued,

So what we need is to invest money. The Dutch have invested something like £28 a year per person for nearly 40 years; we’re investing around £2. That is damaging our health and our economy.

You can watch the program on ITV4 player or on YouTube.

BBC Radio4 PM discusses pavement cycling by a 4 year old

Click the picture to listen to the BBC Radio 4 interview.
Click the picture to listen to the BBC Radio 4 interview.

In the news yesterday, 10th March 2015, was a report about police in Lincolnshire threatening to confiscate a 4-year-old’s bicycle because she was riding it on the pavement.

Eddie Mair, host of the BBC Radio 4 news and current affairs programme ‘PM’, interviewed Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists, and Joe Irvin, Chief Executive of Living Streets, about the issue of police enforcement of pavement cycling.

Note: contrary to the introduction by Mr Mair, the origin of Stop Killing Cyclists was to build a peaceful but more radical approach to fighting for safer infrastructure for all of the city’s road users; and last November it was part of the Stop The Killing coalition calling making 10 Demands, one of which is Stop the Killing of Pedestrians.

In the programme, Donnachadh said:

What the policeman should have done was praise the parent for teaching the child to cycle in a non-dangerous way in a safe environment.

He continued,

It isn’t a conflict between cyclists and pedestrians that we really have in this country. It is a conflict between cyclists and pedestrians [together] and the HGV road users.

Donnachadh concluded,

The real problem in the UK is our politicians are refusing to invest in cycling safety: in Britain we spend £2 per person per year, in [the Netherlands] they spend £28. If we spent that on creating a network of physically protected, safe cycle routes across Britain then we wouldn’t be having this conflict between cyclists and pedestrians, we’d be on the same side.

Joe said:

The root of the problem is unsafe roads, and things like bringing down maximum speeds to 20mph in urban areas would be a big move in the right direction. It’s no doubt at all that HGVs and cars are the biggest [cause] of deaths and fatalities and that’s for people on the pavement.

On 9th January 2014, Robert Goodwill MP wrote to Donnachadh McCarthy to follow-up on points raised during a meeting he had with Baroness Susan Kramer earlier. In the letter, Mr Goodwill re-issued Ministerial Guidance on Pavement Cycling.

Some of the statistics highlighted by Donnachadh during the program are noted by the CTC in their briefing document: PEDESTRIANS.

  • In the 4 years 2009 to 2013, there was 1 pedestrian death involving a person cycling on the pavement or verge;
  • Whereas each year, on average, there were 34 pedestrians killed by vehicles.
  • That 1 death statistic rises to 14 when deaths anywhere are considered, for example on the road, when a person walks in front of person cycling;
  • And, the 34 deaths statistic rises to 1,245 when you consider pedestrians killed by people driving motorcars anywhere, not just on the pavement or verge.
  • For 2009-2013, the number of people walking who are seriously injured by person riding bicycle was 334;
  • Whereas, there were 20,181 seriously injured by a person driving a motor vehicle.

Listen to the Interview for a limited time on iPlayer; or on YouTube: BBC Radio 4 PM with Eddie Mair: Interview of Donnachadh McCarthy

Stop Killing Cyclists featured on Channel4 national TV with Jon Snow

Screenshot of Channel4 interview of Nicola Branch and LTDA by Jon Snow
Jon Snow (centre) interviews Nicola Branch (right) and Steve McNamara (left) on Channel4 television.

On 4th March 2015, popular Channel4 TV presenter Jon Snow interviewed Nicola Branch of Stop Killing Cyclists, a co-organiser of Monday’s protest, vigil and die-in at Westminster City Hall. (Video is embedded below).

Nicola stated,

I want protected cycleways which is slightly different [to segregated cycleways]. I want the model they have in Holland [The Netherlands].

Screenshot of Channel4 interview of Nicola Branch (with SKC title)
Nicola Branch was a co-organiser of Monday’s protest, vigil and die-in at Westminster City Hall.

Also in the studio was Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA). In January, Mr McNamara stated on BBC London radio that his organisation is against the “Crossrail for Bikes” Cycle Superhighways across central London:

“We’re against it, lots of businesses are against it. We are considering a Judicial Review against the scheme in conjunction with Canary Wharf and others.”

Last night, Mr McNamara stated that he and his LTDA members are in favour of segregated cycleways but not money being spent on building them:

We are all for segregated cycling lanes, my members want segregated cycling [but] The Mayor is spending £1bn of money he hasn’t got in London on cycling, we questioned that.”

He continued,

The fundamental problem is [that] London is the greatest city on the planet – you cannot implement a system in London identical to the one in Amsterdam – systems that work there won’t work in London, we haven’t got the road space for one…


Andrew D Smith, a speaker at Monday’s protest, stated today,

When LTDA say they want “segregated lanes” they mean the maze of disconnected fragments on back streets that don’t go anywhere, disappear at junctions so few people want to use them. The moment there’s a proposal for protected lanes that go somewhere useful – like Victoria Embankment or Elephant to Kings Cross, the LTDA fight it tooth and nail.

Campaigning group CyclingWorks.London has stated that over 170 London employers support the Cycle Superhighways scheme.

Jon Klaff, a member of Stop Killing Cyclists, commented on Facebook that, “Steve needs to go to Amsterdam when he comments on lack of road space. He might notice the big, wet things in the middle called ‘canals’. Amsterdam has less space than London. Then he brings up New York, a city that is on the verge of being redesigned around the bike. Basically, he has no facts and lots of opinions.

Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists told BBC News on Monday at the protest,

Westminster Council has spent ZERO on protected cycle lanes over the last 5 years; And what we want is 10% of the budget spent on protecting people cycling to work and school. We are not asking for more money to be spent on transport – we asking for 10% of the existing budget to be spent on cycling.


Nicola concluded the interview with an invitation,

I would like Steve to come cycling with me but I think Steve is too scared to come cycling with me – many people are too scared to go cycling.

Later in the evening, Nicola tweeted that her invitation had been accepted,

Steve agreed to cycle round Elephant & Castle [with] a hand shake & witnessed by @kemenzerem [Keme Nzerem, Correspondent, Channel 4 News]

Steve McNamara confirmed in an article published in the LTDA’s trade magazine ‘Taxi’, that: “the LTDA has already instructed its lawyers to prepare the grounds for a legal challenge by judicial review.”

The London Cycling Campaign stated on 29 January 2015: “the LTDA (represented by Bob Oddy) and the Canary Wharf Group (Peter Anderson) – sit on the TfL Board, which must ratify [the Cycle Superhighway’s] funding. Indeed, the Canary Wharf Group PLC already has form– being behind a damaging and inaccurate behind-the-scenes briefing against the superhighway proposals.”

In the same issue of ‘Taxi’, the LTDA reaffirmed its policies which include: ‘a complete ban on pedicabs‘; and, ‘taxi access to all bus lanes‘. Ed.Note: people who choose to cycle are permitted to do so in many of London’s bus lanes.

Jon Snow is also president of CTC, and has promoted their Space4Cycling campaign.

You can watch the full interview here (it was preceded by Keme Nzerem’s report): Nicola Branch debates with LTDA on Channel 4

Cycle Superhighways’ benefits for business debated on TV

TfL in discussion over £17m ‘cycle superhighway’ - London Live screenshot of Donnachadh
‘Wake Up London’ interviewed Donnachadh McCarthy this morning. Click image to watch a clip from LondonLive.

Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists, made the business case for supporting London’s Cycle Superhighways on ‘Wake Up London’ at LondonLive breakfast TV this morning. He cycled to the studio.

Today, Transport for London (TfL) is anticipated to give gave the go-ahead to build safe, segregated/protected cycle lanes across a route in central London. Continue reading Cycle Superhighways’ benefits for business debated on TV

Documentary highlights the Stop Killing Cyclists campaign

A new, 15-minute documentary called ‘A Cycling Revolution‘ highlights the campaigning done by members of Stop Killing Cyclists and includes a segment shot at the recent National Funeral protest along Oxford Street.

Student filmmakers from the University of Westminster embarked on a journey to discover from campaigners, people on the street, and politicians like the Mayor of London and his cycling commissioner, what is being done to reduce road danger.

Their visit to Amsterdam is not to be missed – the reaction by locals to pictures of cycling in London is priceless!

Co-founder interviewed on London Live TV about making streets safer for everyone

Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists, had an early start to his day on 10th December 2014: a 7am TV interview on London Live…

There is a desire by the Mayor of London to “de-lycrafy” cycling – which appears to mean widening the appeal of choosing a bicycle as a means of transport.

Whereas many people may associate cycling with sport, there are many people that could – but currently don’t – hop on a bicycle for the journeys around town. A reason may be that the infrastructure (or lack of!) puts people off.

Also see: Too much lycra in London

Elephant & Castle Die-In – Media Coverage

Stop Killing Cyclists hold their third die-in at Elephant & Castle outside the Strata building (photo by Sean O'Sullivan)
Stop Killing Cyclists hold their third die-in at Elephant & Castle outside the Strata building (photo by Sean O’Sullivan)

Elephant & Castle Draw-In and Die-In

Thank yous


Event Listing: On website and On Facebook

Media Coverage – Before the Event

Media Coverage – After the Event

TV Reports and Interviews




Short-cut to this page:



5 June 2014: Elephant & Castle Emergency Cycling Safety Proposals Revealed

Media Coverage – Before the Event

Media Coverage – After the Event

TV Reports and Interviews

London Live (22 May 2014)

ITV News (21 May 2014, 6pm newscast)


ITV News (17 May 2014, am): Interview of widow of person killed

BBC London News (14 May 2014): Bart Chan interview with Tom Edwards

ITV News (14 May 2014, 6pm): Interview of Donnachadh McCarthy at E&C

London Live (14 May 2014, 7am): Interview of Donnachadh McCarthy at E&C


GardenVisit.com (Tom Turner): Elephant and Castle protest demo – Space for Cycling London 21 May 2014



Tim Hoy-Griffiths…

Andrew Reeves-Hall…

Children and families ‘Pedal on Parliament’ in their thousands

Thousands protest at Pedal on Parliament (photo by Chris Hill).
Thousands protest at Pedal on Parliament (photo by Chris Hill).

On Saturday, people by their thousands took to the streets of Edinburgh to protest road danger and demand that their elected representatives make substantial changes to the transport infrastructure and laws.

This year’s event came just weeks after the driver of a 55 foot articulated lorry was acquitted of causing the death of Andrew McNicoll as he cycled to work along Lanark Road in January 2012.

This is the third year for the Pedal on Parliament protest – each attracting more people than the previous one. Estimates are that about 4500 people protested this year – many of whom were families: FAMILIES TO THE FORE FOR THE THIRD PEDAL ON PARLIAMENT.


Children address the protesters and politicians at PoP 2014 (photo by Chris Hill).
Children address the protesters and politicians at PoP 2014 (photo by Chris Hill).

One speaker at the protest in front of Holyrood was 8 year old Daniel Brennan who told the crowd:

“I’d love to be able to go for a bike ride without going in the car to cycle with my family. It would be great if Scotland was like Amsterdam where everyone can cycle with their friends.”

7 year old Katharine Dorman demanded:

“Let’s make Scotland a cycle friendly country!”

And 11 year old Kyle Thomas said:

“I believe cycling is the future for Scotland… Cycling down the high street I thought to myself that this is how cycling should be, there wasn’t a single car on the road but lots of cyclists as it should be.”


Transport Minister Keith Brown at Pop 2014 (photo by Chris Hill).
Transport Minister Keith Brown at Pop 2014 (photo by Chris Hill).

The growing visibility meant that government could no longer ignore the voices being raised: Transport Minister Keith Brown attended the protest to defend his government’s policies.

He announced £4.5 million over 2 years for promoting cycling training.

Not surprisingly, the organisers were quick to point out that:

…educating children to cycle on the road is not the best use of money, compared with starting to invest in a cycling network where they can actually be safe, and more importantly feel safe, as they get around on two wheels.

There’s no training in the world that will guarantee a child’s safety around HGVs and fast-moving cars – and as long as children need to mix in traffic to ride their bikes, then parents will be reluctant to give them the freedom to ride.

Thankfully, that message is being heard and taken on board by a growing number of politicians – the organisers are continuously updating their list of supportive MSPs and quotes: POLITICAL RESPONSES.

Keith Brown, the Transport Minister, addressed the crowd at PoP and said in part:

“We are making progress on infrastructure with more than £32 million spent on infrastructure… It will take time for Scotland to become as safe as Amsterdam. We have to change driver behaviour as well… we need to have the same attitudes as Scandinavian countries aiming towards zero deaths.”


The protest was front page news and received wide coverage in the media – a full list is being updated by the PoP organisers: MEDIA COVERAGE.

The BBC gave it headline coverage on their TV broadcast and news website: Thousands take part in Pedal on Parliament event in Edinburgh.

The organisers continue to post updates using their Twitter account: @PoPScotland. Their website is at PEDALONPARLIAMENT.ORG


Lynne marches in Pedal on Parliament 2014.
Lynne marches with councillors and MSPs in Pedal on Parliament 2014.

A leading campaigner for reducing road danger is the step-mum, Lynne, and father, Ian, of Andrew McNicoll – who was killed in a collision with a 55ft long articulated lorry in Edinburgh as he commuted to work on his bicycle.

The driver of the lorry was recently acquitted of causing his death: Man cleared over death of cyclist Andrew McNicoll.

Lynne wrote on her blog (HERE) following the PoP 2014 protest:

“it was so good to see politicians in some numbers with us: MSP Alison Johnstone, Cllr Cameron Rose, Transport Minister Keith Brown, Cllr Andrew Burns.

I asked the crowd and I ask you too now – if your politician was there, thank them and if they weren’t there please do write to them and tell them what we want:

No more cyclist deaths;

Better infrastructure;

Presumed liability;

for anyone of any age to cycle safely.

A time-lapse photo of people cycling to the protest is HERE.