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  • Knowledge Base — Cycling Embassy of Great Britain
  • RoSPA — The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
  • Road Safety GB — represents local authority road safety teams
  • EuroRAP — European road assessment programme
  • Sustrans — a world in which people choose to travel in ways that benefit their health and the environment
  • Road Danger Reduction Forum — safer roads for all
  • Road Safety Analysis — social enterprise, not-for-profit company; aka MAST Online
  • CycleHelmets — evidence about effectiveness of bicycle helmets
  • PACTS — Parliamentary advisory council for transport safety
  • Phil Jones Associates — transport planning consultants, key member of team that created ‘Manual for Streets’

The people killed in 2013 whilst riding their bicycles

Over 100 people died in 2013 whilst out for a ride on their bicycle.
Over 100 people died in 2013 whilst out for a ride on their bicycles.

A list prepared by ‘LoveloBicycles‘ on the blog ‘ICycleLiverpool’ shows the people that were killed in 2013 whilst riding their bicycles:

Some of the people killed have their stories – including court case rulings – highlighted in the website’s ‘The Departed’ category:

Image of an interactive map that shows the people who died whilst riding their bicycles (1985-2013)
Image of an interactive map that shows the people who died whilst riding their bicycles (1985-2013)

The same author also created an interactive Google Map which shows you the location of crashes between 1985 and 2013 (info on its data sources is HERE):

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having been hit whilst cycling, then there is this checklist card (pdf) to help:


The momentum behind Stop Killing Cyclists is astonishing!!

Donnachadh writes…

The momentum behind Stop Killing Cyclists is astonishing!!

Big thanks for all the pressure for a safer cycling environment you guys are helping to create!

Just been thinking about what we collectively have done just this week:

Amazing what this grassroots group is doing with no money and no professional staff !!!

Many thanks to everybody who helped in any way

Yes We Are! 

Donnachadh & Steve

Read about our other accomplishments in January 2014 HERE.

Event: Vigil Protest to Mark First London Cyclist Killed in 2014

Where: Redbridge Town Hall, 128-142 High Road, Ilford, IG1 1DD

When: 6.00- 6.30pm Tuesday 11th February

Feeder Ride: Leaves front of Kings Cross Station 4.30pm

Trains from Central London: Liverpool Street to Ilford Station

Please bring candles.

Please also get the word out.

many thanks
Donnachadh & Icame Isawi Steve
Stop Killing Cyclists

Suggested Tweet: ‪

#‎StopKillingCyclists‬ Vigil Redbridge Town Hall 6pm Tuesday – First London Cyclist Killing of 2014


News story from Ilford Recorder: Cyclist dies after collision with car in Woodford Green

Guardian Series: Vigil protest as first cyclist dies in London this year (article notes that another person on a bicycle hit and seriously injured)


Consultation Response – London Lorry Control

d1sideguardThe campaign group Stop Killing Cyclists has submitted the response below to the consultation by London Councils about the London Lorry Control scheme. You can read about the consultation HERE.

“While we welcome improved mirrors and mandatory side bars, in light of the significant danger posed by lorries to vulnerable road users more needs to be done.

It is not acceptable that lorries with ANY blind spots are driven around the streets of London – this will inevitably lead to road deaths.

Therefore we are calling for blind spots to be completely eliminated by the mandatory use of CCTV cameras, in addition to mandatory ‘turning left’ audio warnings.

Lorry drivers only be able to fulfil their responsibility to drive safely if they can see where their back wheels are going. Audio warnings would enable cyclists to know when to give lorries space and also enable them to do their bit to avoid potential accidents.”

Press Release: Cycle Planning Disasters Tour

SkC Press Release

Cycle Planning Disasters Tour

When: 2pm Saturday 8th February.

Where: Meet outside Southwark Council Offices, 160 Tooley Street, London SE1

What: Stop Killing Cyclists has invited London and Southwark Politicians, Transport for London (TfL) and the Press on a cycle-tour to show how the London Boroughs, TfL and The Mayor’s Office are frequently making London’s streets more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians with new developments.

The tour will include huge new regeneration projects at the Elephant & Castle and Camberwell, dangerous new junctions at Tower Bridge Road, Elephant and Southampton Way and a new housing development blocking permanently the Mayor’s Cycling Superhighway near the Oval.

Whilst most of these planning disasters are being created by the London Boroughs, some are being funded by the Mayor’s Office, whilst others are along the TfL routes.


Stop Killing Cyclists Co-founder Donnachadh McCarthy said,

“We hope by seeing in real life the cycle planning disasters being created in London right now by the London Boroughs’ planners and road-engineers, that those politicians responsible for over-seeing this lethal legacy will bring these disasters to an end.”


He added:

“In future all new London Developments need to have pedestrian and cyclist safety top of their agenda with safe segregated space for cyclists. We want an end to the killing and maiming on our streets. “

RSVP: or 07947 884299

There is an adjacent Boris Bike Stand if people wish to hire a bike for the tour.



Note to editors:


1. Stop Killing Cyclists is the direct action protest group set up after the recent spate of cyclist killings in London. They arranged the mass Die-In at TfL HQ where 1,500 cyclists lay down in the road in protest at lack of safety investment in London.

2. The London Boroughs are responsible for 95% of London’s roads, whereas the London Mayor and TfL control the remaining 5% i.e. the very large arterial routes.

Formal Objection to TfL Proposals for Abbey Street / Tower Bridge Road Junction

Donnachadh McCarthy writes…

The proposal by Transport for London for Tower Bridge Road at Abbey Street.
The proposal by Transport for London for Tower Bridge Road at Abbey Street.

A formal objection from the Stop Killing Cyclists group to Transport for London’s proposals for Abbey Street / Tower Bridge Road junction have now been submitted.

Additional objections from members very welcome – feel free to plagiarise as you see fit. The proposal from TfL; and contact details:

Here is the letter that has been sent in…

“Dear TfL

We wish to formally object to the proposals for Abbey Street Junction pedestrian cyclist safety.

Whilst welcoming your intention to make the Abbey Street/Tower Mill Road junction safer, we believe the proposals made do not adequately address the safety of pedestrians and cyclists adequately.

Whilst we welcome the left-hand ban for trucks at two corners as due to how Southwark Council designed the adjacent two new developments, these turns are too dangerous for cyclists and traffic to mix on.

But banning cyclists from using 50% of the left-hand turns at the junction is not acceptable as there are no safety reasons for doing do. The reason given by TfL for the ban is not cyclist safety but to facilitate speed for traffic through the junction.

Indeed the proposal to re-route cyclists through the adjacent graveyard increases the danger as it creates a new unregulated traffic interchange as cyclists re-emerge from the graveyard to re-join the traffic on Tower Bridge Road.

It also creates a new danger for pedestrian danger as the cyclists emerge unexpectedly from the graveyard to cross the pavement to re-join the traffic. Cyclists and pedestrians do not need such unnecessary conflict to be designed into these proposals.

Your proposal fails Go Dutch standards abysmally and leaves this junction almost as dangerous as it was when the cycling tragedy occurred.

TfL need to tear up this proposal and start from scratch with the Dutch standard layout for junctions, to address pedestrian and cyclists’ safety as the priority not speed of traffic.

This approach makes junctions safer for both pedestrians and cyclists, without banning left hand turns.

If the physical failure to design in safety by the two new building developments at the junction, means that this Dutch approach is not feasible, you should instead install dual function traffic light system, whereby the cyclists and pedestrians cross at the same time, rather than forcing cyclists to cross at same time as HGVs.

Such dual function pedestrian/cycling lights are already in place at a small number of junctions in the borough.

We strenuously also oppose Option 1 which prioritises traffic flow over pedestrian safety. It is not acceptable to have two sides of the junction to be uncontrolled for pedestrians.

The dual lane approach which fails to provide protected access to the advance stop lines on Tower Bridge Road should be deleted and replaced with a single lane approach with protected cycle-lane access to the advanced stop-lines.

Many thanks

pp Stop Killing Cyclists

Donnachadh McCarthy FRSA

Short film about TfL Mass Cyclist Die-In by Southeasy

Donnachadh McCarthy writes…

Some local south-east London young people made this short film about that amazing moving evening when Stop Killing Cyclists cyclists staged our first powerful, moving protest in front of TfL’s HQ.

It is hard to believe with all that has been happening since with the creation of Stop Killing Cyclists etc that it was less than two months ago since we organised it.

Thanks to everybody who helped make it happen and pitched in with all the actions that have resulted from it since.

Yes We Can!

Donnachadh & Icame Isawi Steve

Further information about the TfL die-in is HERE.

Press Release – Stop Killing Cyclists condemns the Mayor of London’s Announced Funding for Borough Cycling safety as an insult to those killed on London’s streets

SkC Press Release

Date: 24th January 2014

Stop Killing Cyclists condemns the Mayor of London’s Announced Funding for Borough Cycling safety as an insult to those killed on London’s streets.


Boris Johnson made this announcement: “Mayor awards London boroughs additional £17.3m for cycling improvements”
(EDIT 09/04/14: It seems the page that linked to is no longer available, curiously…)

But the money was neither additional nor was it £17.3 million.


1/ As the funding was from the already announced Transport for London (TfL) cycling budget this money is NOT additional.

It means that the Mayor of London has failed to spend an extra penny on cycling since the recent tragedies or made a single extra junction safer.


2/ As the £17.3 million was a budget for three years, the actual spend this year will NOT be £17.3 million but will be £5.8 million.

As there are 32 boroughs, this is the equivalent of an insulting £181,000 per borough per year.

When you consider it costs up to £2 million to make a single major junction safe for pedestrians and cyclists, you realise that this is just cheap political Public Relations, at the expense of Londoners’ safety.

Transport for London currently spends about 1.2% of its annual £6,800 million budget on cycling, despite the fact that cyclists now undertake 4.3% of all journeys.

Donnachadh McCarthy, Co-founder Stop Killing Cyclists said,

It’s time to end these political charades. Boris Johnson and the London Boroughs must provide real funding for pedestrian and cycling safety now.  TfL needs to be investing £600 million per annum to make our streets safer for those aged eight to eighty to travel by bicycle safely.”

He added:

It is a complete disgrace that over 10,000 London pedestrians and cyclists have had their lives destroyed by being either killed or seriously injured since 2008.  During the same period only 3 people were killed on the entire national rail network.  London’s roads are not fit for purpose“.



Note to editors:

1. Stop Killing Cyclists is the direct action protest group set up after the recent spate of cyclist killings in London.  They arranged the mass Die-In at TfL HQ where 1,500 cyclists lay down in the road in protest at lack of safety investment in London.

2. The press release from Transport for London was issued on 23 January 2014 and is available online HERE.

Press Release – Stop Killing Cyclists Protesters Meet with Transport for London MD and Mayor of London’s Cycling Commissioner

SkC Press Release

Date:  22nd January 2014

Stop Killing Cyclists Protesters Meet with Leon Daniels (MD of Surface Transport for Transport for London) and Andrew Gilligan (Mayor Boris Johnson’s Cycling Commissioner)

Representatives of the 1,500 cyclists and pedestrians who staged the Mass Die-In at Transport for London’s HQ following the recent spate of 6 cyclist deaths met yesterday with Leon Daniels and Andrew Gilligan.

The attached letter contains the items that the Stop Killing Cyclists Deputation agreed at yesterday’s meeting with TfL.

They included:

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to ask the Mayor about introducing cycling/pedestrian representation on the TfL Board.

* Leon Daniels agreed to include cycling in the Crossrail Report being commissioned into the future of Oxford Street including its pedestrianisation.

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to consider annual survey of the London Borough’s Performance on Cycling.

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to consider process on how to ensure Superhighway routes are not blocked by Borough Planning decisions.

* Andrew Gilligan agreed to consider how TfL could provide expertise/Training to the Boroughs on Go Dutch standards of cycling infrastructure provision.

* Leon Daniels and Andrew Gilligan agreed a follow up meeting with Stop Killing Cyclists in March.

Stop Killing Cyclists Co-founder Donnachadh McCarthy said,

There are some large boulders to be removed from the route to get the safe cycling/walking London that Stop Killing Cyclists wants urgently for London’s children, pensioners and the vulnerable.

But this meeting starts the process of levering them out of the way. With 15,000 Londoner’s killed or seriously injured whilst walking or cycling or travelling on our roads since 2008, London’s transport system is clearly not fit for purpose.

He added,

Stop Killing Cyclists is determined to take on the hugely well-funded motorised lobby in our corridors of power and fight for safety and an end to the killing and maiming on our streets! Holding the 32 London Boroughs to account and providing representation on the Transport for London Board would be two good steps in the right direction.



Notes for editors:

1. Stop Killing Cyclists was founded by grassroots activists following the awful spate of cycling deaths in November 2013.

2. List of Demands presented to Transport for London and Cycling Commissioner is in the briefing paper: click HERE.

3. Follow up letter from Stop Killing Cyclists to TfL: click HERE.